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Sakara-Approved Tips and Tricks on How To Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner and amid deciding whether you make a cuter Wonder Woman or mermaid, you’re probably also stressing about how you’re going to navigate your way through this year’s sugar fest. I mean, you can hardly buy paper towels at your local grocery store without being tempted by 2 for 1 candy sales.

Now, we want you to take a deep breath, because we're going to help you plan ahead for this holiday so you are able to make conscious indulgences, and so you don’t find yourself ravenously binging on Reese’s peanut butter cups – because let’s be real, the pumpkin costume isn’t in the cards for you this year. I am going to preface these strategies by saying that none of us at Sakara are about deprivation. Deprivation is never fun and Halloween should be 100% about having fun with your costume, friends, family, and candy.

But just remember when your mask comes off on November 1st, your trick or treat candies don’t shed with it. So let’s do this, because this weekend I want you to have no regrets… when it comes to food, that is.

  • Wait ‘till the last minute: If you’re reading this today, w're crossing my fingers that you haven’t already bought your Halloween candy. Buying candy should be at the bottom of your “to-do” list, and if possible, try to buy it just a day or two before the holiday. If it’s not sitting in your pantry, you can’t eat it – it’s as simple as that! Don’t test your willpower by holding onto candy for weeks or even days before you plan to open it. We all know how that works…

  • Be a bit(e) individual: Individually wrapped we mean. And bite sized, preferably. This way each time you dip your hand into the candy bowl, you’re enjoying indulgences one bite size at a time. Believe me when I say portion control is crucial to success. After the first mini bag of M&M’s you will be less inclined to go for a second if you have to open a brand new bag and see all those wrappers stacked up in the trash. If you know your candy cravings will be inevitable, ditch the high-fructose corn syrup and go for the organic sweets that are free of artificial flavors and synthetic preservatives. Annie’s homegrown fruit snacks, YumEarth Organics gummy bears or Justin’s organic peanut butter cups are all safe go-to’s. Remember, just because these treats are made from natural ingredients does not give you the green light to eat them mindlessly! They’re still candy after all, and portion control will be amongst your greatest tools for success.

  • Eat before you shop: When it comes time to make that candy purchase, DO NOT do it on an empty stomach. Food shopping when you are hungry means you may be already setting yourself up for failure. Remember that “no swimming ‘till 30 minutes after you eat” rule you learned in summer camp once upon a time? Well, there was a reason for it – you’re more likely to drown. Do yourself a favor and don’t let yourself drown in the junk food aisles.

  • Plan ahead: You know junk food temptation will be undeniable this weekend. But you don’t have to watch from the sidelines and pout. Prepare your favorite healthy indulgence beforehand so you can partake responsibly. Throw together a bag of homemade trail mix with air-popped popcorn, your favorite nuts/seeds, and dark chocolate chips. Better yet? Save 1 or 2 of your Sakara breakfasts for a late night treat! If you’re a chocolate lover, good for you, you’re already ahead of the game. Go for the dark chocolate so you treat yourself to some antioxidants too! If you want a little chocolate to go a long way, drizzle some over fresh fruit and keep it cold in the fridge for a sweet version of crudité.

  • Kiss your candy goodbye: When Halloween is over, don’t let your candy linger! That’s right, get rid of it. If there are kids in your household, this might be a bit tougher. Try coming up with an activity that permits a 1 or 2 time use of the candy, like baking festive pumpkin bread with M&M’s, or decorating a cake with sweets on top. But then, the candy has got to go.

Here's to hope you feel more confident about getting through this year’s Halloween! We're not worried about our Sakaralites though. You've got this! Have a happy and healthy Halloween everyone!

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