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This Halloween Channel Your Spirit Animal

It’s almost that time! The spookiest day of candies, crazies and epic parties is just two sleeps away,and every afternoon until then, we’ll be sharing our favorite costume inspired Halloween recipes for you and your tribe to try out together – sans the sugar hangover.

Thought about being your spirit animal for Halloween? Us too. Welcome to the psychedelic world of our spirit psyches - made completely out of fruits and veggies for your enjoyment. If you're planning to dress as something other than a human being (or, some form of homosapien-resembled character), get creative with your Halloween table spread by dressing your ingredients up to match. Whether you're going as a sexy animal, a cute animal, a zombie animal... the creative possibilities are endless. Mama may have told you to never play with your food, but we're here to tell you different. That way, you can eat your animals. No matter the day, veggies for the win. Always.


    2 Discussions on
    “This Halloween Channel Your Spirit Animal”
  • Emma says:

    SO cute! My spirit animal is definitely an elephant.

  • Kim K says:

    These are AMAZING! Just made my day seeing this first thing in the morning, and I am loving that cauliflower sheep and apple elephant. Any idea how I could create a lion like this??

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