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Take Control Of Your Destiny

Food is information. It isn’t just macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, and calories – it’s raw material that tells our genes and cells ways to express themselves.

How? Let's talk epigenetics.

In school you were taught that you were stuck with the genes you were given (flash to Aunt Edna's flapping bat wings). Well, science has some good news for us: epigenetics, which literally means “above genetics,” is the study of changes in gene activity that do not involve a change in the DNA sequence itself.  In other words, your DNA sequence is a set code, but certain genes are activated / expressed based on environmental influences - the information they receive.

To help decide which genes get expressed, your body solicits help from chemical compounds that will bind to one gene and say 'do not express this gene!' while allowing other genes to pass by untouched – this is called the epigenome.  The epigenome’s decisions are affected by everyday environmental factors: what we do, what we eat and how stressed we are on a daily basis. Scientists have found that an unhealthy diet can cause these chemical compounds to bind to the wrong groups and make mistakes. These “bad instructions” caused by unhealthy foods cause cells to become abnormal, which, in turn, leads to disease. Whoa! What’s more, research is discovering that bad epigenetic information is actually being passed from generation to generation. This means that your environmental impact on your genes can be passed on to your children.

So what does all of this mean for us?

It means that you have the power to change your body, your mental state and even your own destiny! You are not bound by your genetics. You can be young and healthy, fit + beautiful if you eat the right things, practice stress management, and get some good ol' fresh air (we'd also like to add in to think positive thoughts! Mind over matter, baby!). Environmental choices play a HUGE role in how you look + feel, how long you'll live and the quality of life. Your DNA may be set in stone, but why not take your future into your own hands.

Feed your body clean, vibrant, sexy information that will allow you (and your children!) to live long, healthy, vibrant lives.

 Do it for your glowing skin.

Do it for your soaring energy levels.

Do it for longevity.

Do it for your future.

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