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The Experience: I Took A Psychic Shower

When I first arrived on the campus of Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York to see João Teixeira de Faria, aka world renown healer and trans-medium John of God, I was handed a slip of paper with a list of protocols to follow for the coming days after receiving an intervention - or psychic surgery - a procedure that nearly 5,000 people from all over the world come to experience during a retreat. 

My mind raced with self-doubt. Did I really sign-up for this? “NO ALCOHOL” I’m not a heavy drinker so that one might not be so bad. “NO SPICY FOODS, INCLUDING BLACK PEPPER” and “NO SEX OR SEXUAL STIMULATION OF ANY KIND". Let’s get real, I’m a single woman living in a fast-paced city… This one could get difficult. And the real kicker? It’s not just the typical week or 10 days that most retreats follow. This one is a full 40 days.

I don’t follow a primarily Sattvic diet; I love spicy foods (hot sauce on everything please!). I like cocktails while catching up with friends. I don't live in an ashram, or spend my days meditating in a cave. I live in the hustle and bustle of New York City!  Though, that’s not to say I’m a stranger to the mystical, to the magical, or to the grace of the Divine. I certainly am. I have a regular meditation and yoga practice. I have stayed in ashrams before, and I once traveled to India for three weeks to participate in a course at Oneness University where I had a profound and permanent awakening.

But now, this experience seemed different. Is it so bad to say it felt a bit crazy?

If I thought this was so crazy, what was it that led me to choose this experience?  What did I think was so broken or missing inside myself? What was it all worth? 

Yet, once I entered the campus, none of that mattered. I needed to stay fully present to receive what was needed. My mind was going to give me hundreds of excuses as to why to quit the protocols. I decided that what I wanted more than anything, was to receive the blessings and helpings that John of God had to offer me. If I wanted this, I was going to have to do my part and commit to the 40 day protocol.

Deep breath in, deep breath out. 

John of God is a 73 year old psychic surgeon and full trans-medium based in Abadiãnia, Brazil. His main campus is the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola where he receives thousands of visitors each week. John of God works with a group of entities such as King Solomon, St. Francis of Assisi, and Dr. Oswaldo Cruz that take over his body to perform the psychic surgeries, or as commonly referred to at the retreat, an intervention blessing. Only one entity is present in his body during each blessing, but they are all always there working around us. 

While at the Omega Institute, I felt like an extra in a remake of the classic Albert Brooks movie Defending Your Life, or like an old Hollywood version of heaven. 1,500 participants in the main Mediation Hall on the first morning were dressed in all white. This dress code is necessary for the entities to be channeled through John of God, to accurately see the specific healing needed by receiving a holographic representation of our bodies. The Meditation Hall is one of three designated areas on campus where the entities are present during the three day event and by meditating, a current of energy is built up. The staff onsite call this energy a "Circuit" and emphasize how important it is to stay in Circuit to create a strong, healing energy through the duration of the stay.

As my section of about 500 people were called to form a long line, we then proceeded through a “psychic shower” to spiritually cleanse and purify our spirits before walking in front of John of God to receive a blessing. This blessing was a very short and simple eye gaze. It was the transference of a psychic download penetrating past my programmed conscious and deep into my subconscious. After this transferred blessing, a member of his staff gently told me to come back in the afternoon session for a further intervention.

 Okay, this was the intense stuff I kept hearing about and really wanted.

After my lunch, and back at the Meditation Hall, attendees stood on the main stage recounting their past experiences and miraculous healings. A man practically blind regained his vision. People who could not walk were suddenly able to. Infertility issues and cancer diagnosis’ cured. But what I intended for was some soul healing, and for a deep emotional wound to be mended. I walked through the cosmic shower again and was ushered into a room where I was told to sit with my eyes closed and hands over my heart. I felt a very powerful and intense energy, but I wouldn’t categorize it as a mystical experience. 

Am I blocking something? Is my mind getting too involved in this process? Since I didn't have an instantaneous and miraculous experience like I had heard about, does it mean I’m doing something wrong?

After a few minutes, I exited the room with everyone else and felt a rush of energy through my body. I had the urge to take off in a sprint to expend some of the energy. Instead, more members of John’s staff came by to tell our group that we needed to lie down for a full 24 hours after the psychic surgery with our eyes closed. Even if we couldn’t sleep, we were to pretend. One of the staff told us that the entities had given us up to nine operations in one intervention and we would fall fast asleep in no time. Exhaustion seemed to be most people’s experience. A woman commented that she slept for a full 18 hours after her first intervention. Unfortunately, I was the one pretending. I tossed and turned restlessly and likely got closer to two or three hours of sleep. I wanted my comfy bed and internal AC. But then, at one point during the night, I experienced an entity that felt like an alien being working on my body. Now this seemed like the super natural experience I was anticipating… Alien doctors? I’ll take it!

In the morning, I laid still with my eyes closed and decided that no matter how I felt, I was going to trust my experience. I had faith that I would relax fully into the moment although my experiences up until this point were far different than what I thought they would - or should - be based on all the hype I had heard. A peaceful transmission came to me:

"All is well, all is perfect. There is nothing to fix, heal, cleanse or clear. You are perfect as you are, and every moment is perfect as it is." 

After waiting the full 24 hours, I texted my friend who I came to the event with… “Should we stay another night? Should we get another intervention?” We both felt the same. We were ready to go home. However, if John of God thought we needed another intervention, we would stay.

Back in the Mediation Hall, I got back into the Circuit with everyone else. As some sections were called to receive another diagnosis, I thought it was likely that I was going to have to stay on campus another night and come back tomorrow for a second intervention. The moment of truth – I dropped down into meditation and summoned my Divine. The voice spoke to me the way all fast-paced New Yorkers like to be spoken to saying “I’ll make sure you get what you need in the fastest, most efficient and effective way possible.”  As tears were streaming down my face, a woman’s voice came on the loudspeaker. She announced to everyone that we were to receive a very special blessing... One that had not been given before. She emphasized that this was indeed a very special blessing from John of God. My Divine had done as promised. The gentle transmission I had received the same morning while awake in my bed also came to mind. My heart was bursting. I had been heard by the Universe! I was taken care of. It all works out and everything is perfect in each and every moment. I began to have complete trust in the entities.

With tears still in my eyes, and with a deep sense of gratitude, I passed before John of God for the last time during my stay, looked into his eyes, and touched the hand of this great healer who gave up his body so that a healing entities could connect with others. To see him in the purest state of surrender and fully present was a gift. All I had to do was receive it. 

As my friend and I sat at the Omega Institute Café, vibrant, satisfied + content while waiting for our ride home, I asked myself, “Was this new Truth a direct result of the intervention or something that had been rooted in the deep pits of my DNA all along?”

The truth of the whole experience came over me: All is well and divinely orchestrated. I am a perfect, integrated, grounded being. There was never anything to seek out or to fix. Perhaps instead of the mending or healing as I expected, it was actually a blockage that needed removing so that the primordial voice that had always been within me could finally cultivate and be heard.

I am whole.

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