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3-2-1-Countdown to Your Holiday Body

Dear Sakara, 

First of all, just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I am loving the 20-day challenge. Thank you so, so much for creating this. I often find myself rushing through mornings even though I’d set all the best intentions the night before to do otherwise. More often than not, my morning workout looks like one deep breath, two bedside downward dogs plus a 30 second plank. A 9am meeting takes precedent over my SLT class, and often times a late meeting has me making the unanimous decision to skip the gym for an after work cocktail. I've been struggling daily to come up with (not to mention stick with) a proper exercise, eating, and self-care routine. Am I the only one?

And then, Sakara hit me with the 20-day challenge. My world turned right side up. 

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Here’s what my (much brighter) days look like on the Sakara 20-day challenge: Taking. Time. For. Myself. I have finally been feeling motivated to strengthen my body, mind, and spirit this month, because I've found a sense of community within this program. I still hit the snooze, though not half as much, and go straight into my Nicole Winhoffer exercise. So far, I’ve loved the Shanghi Surprise and the Chun Lee! I shower while repeating my morning mantras, and get giddy when my Sakara meals arrive. And though I’m only a couple days in, I had to let you guys know how excited I am to begin it all again the next day! I feel purposeful, bountiful, loving and loved. Inspiration is striking every pillar of my life! Thank you Sakara and Nicole! This movement is changing my life.

Love and Light,

xo Jenny 

*Join Jenny and the rest of the Sakaralites feeling the shift with our 20-Day Total Body Challenge



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