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Gabby Bernstein On Angels, Miracles & Manifestations

Gabby Bernstein is a force to be reckoned with, like a powerful, transformative wind that sweeps you off your feet and plants you on the path of your destiny. This woman is powerful not because she believes that she's any different or better than me and you, but because she knows that we are all made of one in the same magical stuff. She's besties with Oprah (need we say more?), who called her "a next generation thought-leader". She's a NYT Best Selling author on books about miracles, a regular on the Dr. Oz Show, TED speaker, Kundalini instructor... the list goes on. In short: Gabby rocks. There is a lot to celebrate in this beauty's life right now, and we are humbled to be beside her. 



"The biggest turning point in my life was getting sober. This is something I like to talk about in all my interviews, and especially right now, because my 10 year sobriety anniversary is coming up and it’s a big time for me. Getting sober was the pathway to my spiritual practice and it became the catalyst for making personal changes in my life, and then, very quickly, I started to share things publicly. That became what I just knew I had to do."

"I am a student of fear recovery, and I’m a teacher of recovering from fear."

"A real ah-ha moment on my journey was when I decided to stop measuring my success based on outside things and measure it on how much fun I was having. That’s something I have to keep reminding myself about, and keep staying connected to. There have been moments on my spiritual path when I’ve felt a deeper sense of knowing, and that’s been awesome.

I believe that when I’m in any kind of state of panic or stress, it’s because I’m denying my gut intuition. The key for me is to be connected to my intent, and just be calm and still. The pathway to that connection to intuition is meditation, and I have to use it every single day in order to anchor myself back in. Otherwise, it’s very easy for me to go into a very sales-based mindset. Meditation is my balance, and how I get back to feeling most at home inside myself.

In general, I live in a place of complete trust in my gut. If I’m not trusting what I’m feeling - and if I’m questioning that - then that’s a clear sign that I’m out of alignment."



"I feel fear every day! Just not the same kind of fear that I used to experience. I am a student of fear recovery, and I’m a teacher of recovering from fear. But first, I’m a student. Every day gives me the opportunity to practice.

I think that we all have soul contracts that we have to work through, and I think that we all have spiritual assignments that we have to show up for. Until we show up for them, they’ll keep showing up for us. For my bigger spiritual assignments, I’ve just kept showing up and showing up. I'm going through a big one right now that just keeps coming back around, but I'm accepting it as a new assignment. I see it as a surrender to allowing things to happen around me, and allowing myself to receive more support.

That’s been a big theme for a long time in my life. I’m realizing that these things I deal with are endless assignments.  I have some pretty big core wounds that have completely healed, because they don’t show up at all anymore. But of course, there are some wounds that still linger."

"The key to attracting things into your life is to be joyful about them."


ON LETTING GO OF NEGATIVITYgabbybernstein_sakaralife

"I think that most people lean towards negativity and stress. It’s a big epidemic these days. I’ve written a lot of books on this topic with tools to get you out of it, but the breakdown is to one: want to feel better, and then two: be willing to feel whatever feelings are underneath the negativity that you’re judging or attacking. What do you really feel? This is the question you should be asking yourself. Then, be compassionate towards yourself, and you’ll bring compassion towards others.

If you want to let go of negativity in your life, stop being so negative. If you start to change your conversations, your patterns, your energy… Then you’re no longer a match for that type of energy in your life. The people that are in those negative vibes won't resonate with you anymore, and will just fall away."

 "I believe that what we believe in can come into physical form."



"Obviously, I don't drink and I don't use drugs, and I am very mindful of what I eat. Right now, the biggest thing for me is making sure I worry less about what I don’t eat, and focusing more on what I do eat. Like being really conscious about bringing in more greens, and when I’m home, I’m juicing a lot. Though, living in a hectic city, it can be much harder. This is why I love Sakara.

If I’m not moving around enough, my body feels like it’s crying - it's begging me to move. I feel this great sense of guilt, which I have to work on if I’m not moving a lot. It is such a great gift to be able to move your body. I have to use it. Sweating is super important to me because it’s so easy to get into a stagnant routine.

I have a very healthy relationship with my body. I think it’s come as a result of having a lot physical activity and eating really mindfully. I now have this comfort with my body and I don't have food issues anymore. That's something I've healed.

Cooking is definitely a ritual for me, and a form of meditation. No joke, I’m a really good cook. And I don’t mean that in a prideful way, it’s just something I’ve noticed lately that I’m really good at. I never really use recipes, I make things up as I go."

"We all have angels, guides, and lots of different entities supporting us to come back to our God-like thinking."


"I believe that what we believe in can come into physical form. My mentor, Wayne Dyer, said that. It’s not like, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it’ but more of I’ll see it when I believe it.’

Having a core belief system that is deeply connected to a place of certainty is the key to manifesting. Also, letting it all go, because I think that people think that they can manifest something into form just by believing it and thinking and talking about it all the time. But then, the neediness and the control of it all deflects the creation of it into physical form. Being in the co-creation of things while letting the negativity go, and then allowing something better to come along is how it all works."



"Of course, I believe in angels. I believe that we all have at least two angel guides, sometimes many. Sometimes, one can be the very present guide that makes themselves known more loudly than the others. I believe that our relationship to our angels is really our choice, and the depth of that relationship comes with our conviction and it's a constant dialogue. Being in communication with a guide is how you create, establish, and nurture that connection. An angel is always there to help you, but it’s your free will first. If you don’t ask for help and you say, ‘I’m doing this my way or the highway,’ then you’re cutting off communication. You have to stay open.

I believe an angel is an intermediary, and a guide to bringing your thoughts back to the essence of your Highest Self. We all have angels, guides, and lots of different entities supporting us to come back to our God-like thinking, or the thinking of your Highest Self, if you will.

I see it more as an internal teacher, giving you lessons, providing you assignments to open you up.

When I'm writing or speaking, it’s like I’m getting a download of information. Sometimes I'll walk off the stage and I'll be like ‘What the hell just happened? Who said that?’ I trust that I’m in collaboration with spirit all the time, particularly when I’m on the stage.

Whenever I do videos, there’s always these orbs that show up. They’re super cool. I also see sparks of light a lot, and sometimes, there’s a message that comes with them. It’s like a laser beam, and I often see blue light, which is representative of our angel Michael. He’s the guy for real protection. It’s a cobalt blue kind of light. Once in a while, I’ll see a streak of light like a kind of tinsel in the sky.

A Course In Miracles calls these “light episodes” and sometimes, you’ll see the frame. This happened to me once which was super trippy. I was on the beach and started to see things. It happened, and I opened my book to the section on light episodes, and it told me exactly what I was seeing. It was super cool - implying that this is that which your physical sight sees right now, but not what your spiritual sight can see. It’s like a sense of knowing, but seeing it as opposed to just feeling it."



"If you want someone to understand something or open themselves up to you, stop talking about it all. Shut the fuck up, and BE IT. Particularly with a lover. You don't have to always be preaching what you know to them. Just shut the fuck up and be it. And you can quote me on that.

For example, with my husband, when I finally just let him be and do his own thing, he actually started studying on his own. He’s now done a metaphysical text I teach called A Course In Miracles. I don’t ever tell him what to do, he just practices on his own. He came with me to visit my guru and medium, John of God. It was incredible. He put on all white and did the whole thing with me. These kinds of things are miracles… Nothing l could have ever contemplated actually happening.

But that’s not to say that it will happen like this for everyone. Your lover is on his or her own path, and is going to go down that path to find God in their own ways. All you have to do is just leave them alone, and let them discover things for themselves.

And learning the law of attraction is huge. Being something rather than promoting it will put you more at ease and bring you more joy. The more joyful you are, the more you’ll attract into your life. That’s really the simplest thing. It’s not like focusing on a red car and then getting that red car, it’s much more about how happy you are. This is what makes that which you attract more sustainable. The key to attracting things into your life is to be joyful about them. It’s really the simplest thing."


    4 Discussions on
    “Gabby Bernstein On Angels, Miracles & Manifestations”
  • Lily says:

    I love Gabby! This is a fabulous interview. I have her books and love Miracles Now. Definitely agree about the angels, once I started working with my angels, I don’t know how I got by before. I love it when they brush their wings against me.

    Love you Gabby, You are such an inspiration.

  • Sharyn Holmes says:

    This is such a beautiful interview and wow, the photos are amazing! Gabby is my Spirit Junkie Teacher and I was inspired by her Masterclass to step into one of my soul purpose roles, to be a Teacher too and to act on what feels right for my soul.

  • Mikey says:

    Very inspiring, thank you S-Life & Gabby:-)

  • Beth says:

    Everything about this interview I adore, everything about this woman I adore!

    Following in Gabby’s footsteps so to speak – being a coach + a student + a teacher of these principles – it is so important for me to stay connected to her. Because now in this world, when we are healers, all of a sudden we are entrepreneurs. Previously, our village or community would have valued our work naturally, and an energy exchange and support would ensue.

    But now, we have to make our own money doing it.

    And now, there are tons of workshops, courses, teachers, etc, to promote how to make money in your business. It’s very sales-y, people have lost touch with the real service that it’s about, and the energy of the rat race has infiltrated into the world of healers, guides, and coaches.

    I follow Gabby to stay connected to what it’s really about. And it’s been almost 5 years of following her + learning from her. She is a miracle. And so am I. And that’s what she teaches. We are equal, and she is helping to walk me home. How beautiful.

    Thank you for this lovely interview.

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