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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Gemini

If you’re feeling like every new day is opposite day…just know you’re not alone. The cosmos are feeling it too. Tonight, the Sun + Moon are in opposition of each other - just as they are twice a year, every year. The Pregnant Moon in Gemini is tuning our minds into new frequencies of creative information, and spinning them into new realities. Rather than seeing these life-achievement possibilities as something separate from yourself (i.e. will never happen in a million years), use the excitement you have about them to stay grounded in the reality in which you live - go deeper into your own authenticity. Though keep in mind: Gemini is obsessed with information, especially that filtered through technology, so be extra aware of what is really real, and what’s really not. The Sun in Sagittarius is urging us to find our personal Truth in all the new nonsense. Thoughts may feel as if they’re penetrating you fast as a bullet - quit playing it cool…you feel quite unsettled. To discern which thoughts really matter, stay grounded and show gratitude for what’s available to you today. The (official) season of gratitude begins this week, act like it.


Traits Amplified: Patience, perception, belief, discernment, illusion, focus, revelation, possibility


Questions to Ask: What do I REALLY believe, and why? Where do I see myself 6 months to one year from now? What kind of energy do I want to cultivate every morning to carry me through the day? Am I genuinely listening to others enough? WHY am I so fearful of my wildest dreams?


What to Go For: Find meaning and purpose in the little things that you love. The sights, smells, tastes, sounds + people that you’re being pulled towards are part of a grander scheme of possibility playing out in your life. Sagittarius wants us to play with these possibilities, endlessly, and unite our many worlds. Picture this: all the pillars of your life coming together like a kaleidoscope. #Beauty. And speaking of beauty, go spend some time with Mother Nature this week. Her energy may feel as cold and chaotic as you, but I promise, she will replenish your life force and clear your busy thoughts. After all, the greatest goodness is a peaceful mind (Buddha said that).


What to Watch Out For: Phony friends (or family members ‘round the Thanksgiving table). You may find yourself in seemingly fake and phony situations over the next couple days, where it seems like everyone has something to say, and they need to say it now. Stay quiet inside, and aim to listen more than you blab along. Also, try not to fall too far deep in a day dream. Just because someone on Instagram has something (like, an entire life) that you want, divert your imagination from actually having that, and be grateful for what you do have…in the Now. And while you’re at it, don’t get overwhelmed by your brain’s frenetic activity. Pick and choose the thoughts to actually allow yourself to become consumed by - make the thoughts you focus on be more of a sweet manifestation than rumination of false beliefs. And be careful not to lose sight of the things that you DO love just because new ideas of what you’re SUPPOSE to love are flying your way. Focus on good, and good will come to you.

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