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Sakara x Coveteur: How To Eat A Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner

"Before we dig in, we have one big caveat we need to cover. As Sakaralites, as co-CEOs, as whole food, plant-based health foodies, and as empowered individuals on this beautiful planet of ours, we do not believe in rules because we know that rules are made to be broken. The second you set a rule for yourself (we’re talking: you CANNOT eat that, only a piece of turkey the size of your fist, stop after one glass of wine, avoid the dessert table, et cetera.) you become a maniac. All you can think about, smell, stare at and drool over is the very thing you are supposed to be staying clear of and the second you 'cheat,' it’s all over. If you had the cookie you absolutely under no circumstance were allowed to have, then you might as well have five, right?"

Head on over to the Coveteur to hear more!


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