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The month of December on The S-Life Mag is about celebrating all the ways in which Taking Flight can nourish, balance, and fuel us on a daily basis! This month, we’re going to plunge deep into all the ways in which we can – together – soar high above the Earth, bounce amongst the clouds, and live out our destiny.

This festive month, we’ll be talking about all things bright and flighty - there’s our weekly Sakara Holiday Gift Guides, the science behind how and why our bodies + brains take flight, the best ways to maneuver holiday stress, what it really means to listen to your body when there's temptation all around…along with some killer holiday recipes to enjoy with your loved ones - regret free. And finally, we’ll usher in 2016 (whoa) with some Christmas tree-esque glowy ideas, because let’s get real, this is your year to shine.

Taking Flight is the result of complete nourishment in every pillar of life - each facet of you feels passionate, and complete. This includes food as nourishment, making sweet love, strengthening the body, creating a peaceful home, traveling (even virtually) to get inspired, and discovering something new.

Taking flight is harmonious balance. It is purpose.

Once you have built a body + mind that allows you to Take Flight, you will be able to connect with your Highest Self - whatever that looks like to unique you.

Come soar with us on this journey! We promise to make it one hell of a sexy ride.

With Love,

Whitney + Danielle

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