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Sakara Spotlight: Michelle Silverstein

Name: Michelle Silverstein / @thecalmlychaotic

Sign: Scorpio

Current position: I recently left a job at a startup in the health and fitness industry so I was already focused on living a healthy lifestyle, but wanted to make my way into a company that was focused more around food. That being said, I just signed on as a Client Services Associate at Sakara HQ in NY (HI guys!). I am training to get certified as a holistic health coach, and was so blown away by the experience I had as a client of Sakara, that I started to talk to the team here about different opportunities and joining the wellness team just seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Spirit animal + why? Horse. Specifically, the White/Gray breed, they’re somewhat majestic looking. Horses are wild creatures that can easily be molded and trained, yet still have control to go out on their own and break boundaries. I’m a firecracker, but I am also incredibly humble and quiet at times.

Why do you order Sakara? I started researching meal delivery services for weight loss. I exercise a lot for my old job and found that I had gotten into a routine of eating A LOT. I wanted to get on a plan that was easy with my busy life and would help me with portion control. However, after looking into all the different weight loss plans I was shocked how fake and unhealthy most of the ingredients were. I wanted to loose weigh,t but I wasn’t willing to sacrifice not heating whole and clean. Then, I found Sakara and it seemed perfect! Sakara allows me to feel balanced and good in my own skin.

 What’s your favorite Sakara meal? I love the 1966 burger. I am allergic to beans and legumes so I never really eat veggie burgers, but Sakara makes mine without beans and it’s amazing. Plus the mangos and purple potatoes are a great added touch.

Morning Water or Night Water? Morning Water!

Have you always been a healthy eater? In my adult life, yes. After college I became really obsessed with clean and plant based eating, however, after a bad break up last year, I lost track of all of that and started eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Sakara helped me get back on track with eating whole and clean and bringing my body back into that balance I love from eating healthy.

What's your indulgence? Shoes, specifically heels of any kind. I definitely have a weakness for purchasing shoes I really can’t afford or shouldn’t have.

How do you stay healthy at your desk? My old job definitely made it difficult to stay healthy during the day. Despite being a fitness oriented company, there was food everywhere, and there were few healthy or natural options. Actually, candy practically filled every corner of the space. I made sure to always bring snacks, like veggies or raw nuts, if I knew I would get hungry in-between meals. I also did whatever it took not to walk by the M&M jar as much as possible, even if it meant taking a longer route to the bathroom. However, generally, I'd say the biggest thing is just always be prepared! Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. Make sure to have a great balanced breakfast and lunch, and pack healthy snacks if you're going to have a busy, jammed packed day. I also drink a lot of tea, and love the Sakara Detox tea. I feel it really helps when I'm getting snacky. It is a lot easier to stay healthy at Sakara though, because I enjoy an incredibly nourishing breakfast and lunch everyday now, and the meals are perfectly balanced. Making the effort to have nutrient filled breakfasts and lunches really help power me though the day.

What’s a day in the life of Michelle Silverstein like? I try to work out every morning. I feel like getting exercise first thing is like coffee for me, even though I still drink coffee in the morning as well. My weekdays are not that exciting - mostly just work and the occasional dinner with girlfriends. On the weekends, I love spending time with my dog Eloise, and making it to a yoga class with my best friend and grabbing lunch nearby after. Then, dinner out with friends and a fun spot downtown for drinks later.

Do you have any rituals that help keep you balanced? I have to make warm lemon water every morning and drink it before I make my coffee. I feel very off balance if I don’t do this. If I’m traveling, I figure out a way to do it from my hotel room. It’s sort of like my morning meditation.

Mantra? Always move forward, always stay open, always stay calm, always be strong.

If your creativity were edible, what would it taste like? I love to cook so this is a really tough one to specify. I was raised by Architects and Designers, but never possessed the ability to draw, so I think that cooking has always been my way of expressing myself – making art on a plate. However, if I had to really show my creative side through taste, it would definitely be something with cinnamon. I’ve got a spicy side for sure, next to my sweetness. I love cinnamon flavored anything, so it would be a savory dish with hints of cinnamon, cardamom or nutmeg in it. And probably in the form of breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. I wake up hungry.

If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you eat? My grandmother. We were very close and I am a lot like her. She loved to cook, and I would love her to see me as an adult, and be able to make her a home cooked meal.

The best advice you can pass along to us and our fellow readers? Shit happens in life. You can never let it stop you or get you down. As long as you are aware of yourself and can always look inward and be confident of who you are, you can get through anything that comes your way. Just always remember to look forward and keep on trucking, even when it seems impossible.



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