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5 Minute Green Juice For a Brighter Morning (No Juicer Needed!)

No juicer? No problem. When you're short on time and without a Breville in sight, throw the below ingredients into a blender, blend up, then strain with one of these really cool nut milk bags or a fine mesh strainer and voila! Juice is ready to be consumed with half the clean up.

This quick + insanely nutritious green juice is designed to nourish all organs, hydrate all cells, and provide a sattvic morning burst of energy to get you feeling good first thing in the am. 


~ 1 cucumber

~ 3 stalks of celery

~ juice of 1/2 a lemon

~ handful of kale 

~ handful of spinach

~ a few sprigs of parsley 

~ a few dandelion leaves

~1/2 tsp turmeric powder (optional! but a great way to fight any morning inflammation) 

*always buy organic when possible*



Before the majority of your bulkier plants go in, pour a few tablespoons of water into the blender, along with the squeezed juice of half a lemon, a handful of kale and the dandelion leaves. Blend that up until smooth. Then add in remaining ingredients - including the turmeric if you choose (blending it beforehand may cause the flavor to be too strong. Though if that's your jam, then toss it in with the water). Filter through your nut milk bag (or strainer) straight into your favorite cup. Enjoy!

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