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Self-inflicted misery from a previous night of excessive fun, excessive drinking, and hours of excessive moving and shaking with friends rather than restful sleep.

This, my friends, is the dreaded hangover. A terrible feeling that seems like it will never, ever go away. But it does, and it will, and we're here to help you properly cure yourself of one.

The first things you should know about a hangover is A) You’re super dehydrated, and B) Your liver is sore and very unhappy. Both of which are not incurable, but once resolved, will feel a million times better.

So where do we begin? First up:

Drink Coconut Water!

On the night of the fun, before you fall asleep (that is, if you’re not dancing 'till the sun comes up), guzzle a tall bottle of coconut water. The electrolytes and antioxidants in the coconut water will cease a morning headache in it’s tracks, while re-hydrating all those cells you so willingly drained after a third or fourth round at the bar. Keep in mind, that we also become dehydrated after a normal night's sleep, so getting hydrated before the issue gets any worse is KEY. Try and drink another coconut water upon waking the next morning, too.

Use Peppermint Essential Oil!

This ultra-cooling essential oil is the perfect bedside remedy after you wake up with a pounding headache and aching tummy. Start by placing 5 drops in a glass of cold water and gulping it down to aid the digestive process. Then place two drops on your plams, rub together, and breathe in extra deep allowing the cooling sensation to travel, literally, behind your skin. Finish off by rubbing several drops on your temples and sink back into bed as the cooling effects of peppermint erase the head hurt and tummy troubles as best they can.

Eat Avocados!

Remember: hydration, hydration, hydration! This also goes for food. Until you’re feeling better, avoid dehydrating foods such as breads, nut butters and rice. We know, cooked carbs are what we all crave the next morning, but in reality, you’re just thirsty! So eat hydrating nutrients from fruits, and simultaneously, all other highly hydrating lettuces and vegetables, like creamy avocados (hey, guacamole!). You've heard that avocados are chock full of benefits thanks to they're healthy fat content, but did you know that a study has been done proving that those who eat more avocado are less likely to endure liver damage? Avos have twice as much potassium as a banana, anti-inflammatory properties, and your body burns their fats for sustainable energy. As we always say, an avocado a day keeps the doctor away…

Take Liver Rescue Enzymes!

Power in a pill. Any liver enzymes will do, but if we’re being biased here, these are the best. HealthForce Liver Rescue provides powerful direct antioxidants, plus they increase the liver’s ability to naturally produce the even more powerful metabolic antioxidants needed for seamless functioning. These pills are nutritionally designed to support liver regeneration, detoxification, and bile flow. All good things to be on top of after taking a few shots.


I realize how insane this sounds when your body is crying in undulated pain, but sweating out the toxins from the night before will speed up the recovery process and get blood flowing to all the right places again. This could mean an intense workout (like hot yoga or cycling), or something as simple as time in the sauna/ steam room - just rinse it all out. Also, aim to get some proper fresh air + sunshine while you're at it.

Take It Easy On Your Digestion!

Take it easy on your sweet stomach today. Last night was likely a well-desesrved overload on your system, though an overload nonetheless. Drink something green, make some warming soup, breathe deep before you reach for the chips and chicken sandwich. Show your body some slower love after a quicker night. It's all about the balance, right? #EatCleanPlayDirty

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