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Gift Picks for Your Stocking Stuffers: Best in Beauty

Gift Guide season has arrived! And at S-Life, this means three weeks of holiday gift ideas to nourish the most essential aspects of you and your loved ones lives. This week, we’re gifting any and everything Beauty related – quite obviously, it’s no secret that we geek out over fun, new Beauty souvenirs. So voila Sakaralites…get your gifting on.


1. West Third Brand Tobacco 1812 Fragrance: One of my best girlfriends wears this and it's amazing—musky, a little sweet, definitely dark and very sexy.

2. Lipstick Queen Velvet Rope Lipstick: I would feel like a Very Fancy Lady pulling one of these gold bullets out of my bag for a touch-up. I'm ride-or-die for a red lip, so this seems like a worthy splurge.

3. Glossier Mask Duo Set: Face masks frequently play a role in my nightly self-care ritual, and I've heard nothing but raves about these two. Plus the packaging is perfection.

4. Sunday Riley Skincare: Is the hype (specifically about the Good Genes Treatment and Juno face oil) real? I will never know on my present budget, so onto the holiday wish list it goes.



5. No Evil Makeup Remover: I love going to bed with a clean makeup-free face, and I also love knowing that the products I'm using every single day are organic and good for my skin! This makeup remover looks like it doubles up as a moisturizer too which is even better.

6.Bobbi Brown Beach Rollerball: I often go to the gym before I head to work, and I'm always looking to have on-the-go sized beauty products and perfumes I can easily throw in my bag. This scent instantly takes me back to the beach! One of Bobbi Brown's classic scents.

7. Dr. Sponge Facial Cleaning Sponges: I'm obsessed with these sponges. Dr. Sponge makes 10 different varieties, everything from Charcoal to Lavender to Green Tea each with it's own list of benefits for the skin. They're super cute AND eco-friendly and contain a ton of vitamins and minerals due to the Konjac ingredient it's made of. A perfect stocking stuffer.



8. Earth tu Face Toning Mist + Shower Gel: I've been a fan of Earth tu Face since they first launched. They are two beautiful women creating beautiful products that are 100% percent natural, purely plant-based and just really freaking cool. You feel amazing when using them and also smell super delicious. I ran out of my shower gel and have yet to try the toning mist so someone please stuff these two in my stocking, thanks!

9. Lightning Paw OLO Fragrance: Musky, feminine, earthy. All my favorite things to smell like. This one is a mixture of bergamot, jasmine, patchouli and vanilla and anything with patchouli in it speaks to my teenage self in a really strong way.

10. Lenny x Rad Nails "Nudes" Nail Wraps: My friends started this company and they just teamed up with Lena Dunham's Lenny Letter to create these customized "Nudes" nail wraps. It's giving me a reason to grow my nails out and sport some abstract body parts on my fingers. 



11. David Mallet Hair SerumThis is the only hair serum I will ever use, because after the creator himself stroked it through my locks once in Paris, I was changed. Powered by macadamia nut oil, the serum took four years and 27 tries to get right (I'm a sucker for an alchemical creative process). No matter how many one-too-many pumps I accidentally use, it never gets greasy, and adds the most Goldie-Locks worthy shine to every strand. It's quite expensive, and I have an 'everything in moderation' problem, so if you want to see me with shinier, healthier hair, you'll gift this to me (hi mom + dad).

12. Anya Hindmarch Cosmetics Case: A girl needs a place to put all her products, right? I am for sure the worst travel packer there ever was, and typically end up brining my entire top shelf on trips (even just for the weekend). This rainbow and turquoise clad beauty would look far cuter than the ziplock bags I often resort to...



13. In Fiore Kashmir Body Balm:The sexy smell and silky feel of this body balm is the most healing post-shower self-love treatment I know. In Fiore draws heavily on the transcendent, restorative and high-vibrational power of flowers, all of which I could use a bit more of while living in the concrete jungle...

14. Le Labo Perfume in Rose 31:This is more than a scent to me - it's memories, emotions, dreams. I use it up pretty quick, so gifting me a big bottle to last (hopefully) a long time will propel my dreams into 2016. Though the name Rose sounds deceivingly feminine, it's quite masculine as well. And seriously, who wouldn't want to smell like a mystery forrest Rose?

15. Harry's Razor: So, Harry's are suppose to be for boys, but let's get real, if Karlie Kloss uses it, I can too. Investing in a killer (not to mention snowy white beautiful) razor would change my life. I like to think that I'd actually look forward to the activity. My boyfriend would very much like one too...maybe we can match. Corny? I like it.


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