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Supplements: What You Should Be Taking + Why

There is not much that can be more overwhelming than the vitamin aisle. Rows upon rows of bottles filled with supplement tablets of strange ingredients like Echinacea, Actyl L Carnitine, Reishi Eleuthera Master, and Sublingual DHEA.

How do you know what to take? What do these things mean, and why do we need them? Unless you know for sure that you have any kind of deficiency, then you don't need all of the above. However, if you're like us, and want to have a lot of fun discovering new herbs, and be preventive while you're at it, then aim to discover some of of the below supplement picks for this coming winter, prescribed especially for you from the brilliant (and breathlessly beautiful) Dr. Robin Berzin...

  • Prescript Assist Probiotics! They support healthy gut flora in an over sterilized world, rarely cause gas and bloating, and is soil based and therefore much more stable than others. Available through MDs, and on Parsley Health's website.


  • Magnesium Glycinate is where it's at. If you're stressed, you're low on magnesium, and if you're low on magnesium, you're stressed. Mag is nature's anti-anxiety, relaxation medication. Take at bedtime for deeper sleep. Make sure to get glycinate or ionized liquid magnesium. Magnesium in oxide and citrate forms is great for constipation (these guys will make you go!) but isn't absorbed.


  • Parsley Health's Rebuild Protein Shake which is an all in one essential multi, antioxidant, vegan protein boost. It has methylated B vitamins - an essential for busy women - to support detoxification and adrenal health, as well as a complete dose of phytonutrients to keep cells making energy.


  • Vitamin D3/K2 3000-5000IU (take daily). We like Thorne's liquid version which is well absorbed. Vitamin D isn't just important for bones, it's critical for inflammation and immue health. Everyone we test at Parsley is low. We all spend too much time inside these days not to be!


  • Turmeric (take daily). The cucurmin in turmeric is a great antioxidant, support for detoxification (it's a methyl donor) and support for estrogen balance - meaning it's good for PMS. We like Curcuplex from Xymogen available via MDs and Parsley. It's highly potent and bioavailable. A lot of the curcumin supplements out there out there aren't formulated for biovailability and are very low in their active ingredients. Make sure you get the good stuff!

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