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What it Really Means to Take Flight

“I would like to give you two things: roots into this earth, into all that is earthly, and wings into that heaven, into all that is abstract for you now, into all that you cannot even comprehend, that cannot be conceptualized. Roots into the finite, wings into the infinite…” -Rajneesh

Balance: the word is thrown around like it’s some conveniently tamed animal. But in reality, exercising balance in modern life is a lot like finding a tropical Golden Pheasant, capturing it, taming it, and expecting it do everything we need it to do, every single day.

This is hard, and rare, but like anything in your creative imagination, it can be done. You just have to discover how.

Balance begins in the body, and taking flight is about building a body that you can listen to and trust. Taking flight doesn’t involve second guessing, or talking your unique feathers down. It’s about accepting the body that you were given today, loving it as is, and going from there.

If we don’t trust what the body has to say, and especially if we don’t know how to listen to what it’s asking for, then how can we feel safe and loved? Feeling safe is a huge indicator of being in balance. If the adrenals are wacked out (super energy highs then super energy lows), if the digestion is strange (great bowl movements one day, and a round of debilitating constipation the next), if you’re sleeping like a rock on Monday but waking up five times every night for the rest of the week…that’s your talkin’ body, and you have to adjust things accordingly. Do what makes you feel safe.

Having a balanced body, mind, and spirit is the golden ticket to taking flight. Taking flight involves harmony and a warming sense of unity through every pillar of your life. Taking flight is expansion. It’s the breathless sight of the flapping of wings as you soar over + through all the scary situations of the day.

Taking flight is feeling like you’ve finally been lifted off the ground. Like everything you’ve prayed for, hoped and dreamed of has finally manifested in your life, and something or someone is pulling you up off the steady ground and forcing you to take a look around at everything you’ve created! And how marvelous it all is. 

Though, that’s not to say being lifted off the earth is easy. Because in that, comes again, the need for balance. Similarly as we can’t keep grounded and stuck in the mind all the time, we can’t keep our heads stuck in the clouds all the time. This is what the yin and the yang is all about. We have to learn how to navigate both, while having one foot in both realities. Stay rooted in that newfound safety, but don't forget to fly.

Today, you are strong, you are wise, and you are trusting. You are exactly as you should be, going exactly where you should be going. This is what you must trust. How beautiful is it to know that you are the creator of your own reality? You are the creator of your experience, and with the flip of a mental switch, you can change it all. All of your creative power lies in this moment. And there is no better moment than the Now.

Taking flight is your destiny. Eat plants, drink clean water, make love under the stars, and laugh with an old friend. We’re here right beside you, navigating the waters and capturing the Pheasant together. Soar, Sakaralite! We can't wait to watch you fly.

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