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Moon Watch: Christmas Full Moon in Cancer

Merry Christmas to all, and to all good Full Moon night! This is the first Full Moon we’ve had on Christmas day since 1977, and it won't be back for another 19 years — thus a special one. And though you may be surrounded my family and friends today, the energy of our moon is beckoning you to go deeper into the Self, and nurture what you find there. Put down the technology, get rid of the distractions, and operate from your heart center — the re-birth of that Christ Consciousness that the Christmas holiday is all about. Every interaction you have today, and the days that follow, are going to be supercharged with emotion, personal belief and a high-vibration of your future self. Allow your feelings to guide you through whatever dinner table conversations come up.


Traits Amplified: Consciousness, home, femininity, balance, safety, emotion, vibration.


Questions to Ask: Are you standing up for your beliefs? What changes do you need to make? What nurtures you, and makes you feel most at home? How are you showing love to others, and how are they showing love to you? Why do you feel a need to argue your point? How can you turn something so narrow-minded and masculine into something free-loving and feminine?


What to Go For: Focus on your internal experience, rather than your external circumstance. Experience “home” within your own body. Wherever you may be this holiday season, and whatever you may be celebrating, nothing can compare to the warmth and comfort of the home you’re creating inside. Be your own light, even if chaos around you feels overwhelmingly dark. La luna is super bright tonight too…use that in knowing you’re not alone. You are RADIANT, you are HEALING, and you are LOVE.


What to Watch Out For: Engaging in an argument with a loved one. If you’re going to join the political conversation tonight, be sure not to get overheated. Watch where your actions are birthed — from a place of love, or form a place of needing to be right? Be sure that everything that leaves your mouth can be backed up by fact and deep rooted belief. Don’t get emotional, and stop taking thing so personally. Honor yourself for who you are, honor others for who they are, and move on. All is one.

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