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It's January, Forget Making Plans — Make Room for Awareness

…These first 31 days of the New Year are the 31 days that you have to set your patterns for the rest of 2016. These are the 31 days where you get to choose, or not choose, to participate in a heightened consciousness through all that you do. What areas of your life can you bring more awareness into this year? Brining awareness into these areas will catalyst so much abundance and prosperity -- because you are showing them that you are more powerful, and that you love yourself enough to care

This is your month. This is your chance to choose to set a positive tone for the rest of the year.

Why are goals so hard to reach, and why are resolutions so hard to keep? Because the intentions behind the motivation to reach a goal or follow through on the resolution may not be in line with our Highest Self. So, how do we make extra sure that we're in line with said Highest Self? 

Around here, we like to say that once we set a rule, it’s a sure-fire that we’re going to break it, in some form, every time. It’s funny how the Universe works that way. When you make plans…God laughs.

So forget making plans — make room for awareness. 

Awareness isn’t a mental thing, per se. It’s not about overly straining the imagination to come up with new stories or re-count the old ones. It’s not about calculating time in the gym or energy at work or calories in a meal or emails to be answered or Instagram photos to have liked. (Whoa, exhausting). It’s not about setting a goal with a means to an end. It’s about separating yourself from that part of the mind that says you need to be more calculative…more self-demanding. Awareness is about recognizing the infinite entity that you are outside of those thoughts and feelings, and acting from there.

Use all the intense energy you put out to make plans in 2015, and alchemize it into a more joyful energy that is completely aware of all the blessings that are, and all the adventures that are yet to be had in 2016. 

Awareness is the place where stories are written.

Brining more awareness into your year is about having a new perspective. When a new opportunity presents itself to you, bring in more awareness by acting from a placing of love, instead of reacting from a place of fear. Say yes! Figure the rest out later.

Be aware what makes you feel GOOD — like you’re growing and finally becoming the person you were miraculously molded to be. Also be aware of what makes you feel BAD — the things that tackle you and send you back into a spiral of shame, anger, and illness.

If those morning shots of espresso leave you feeling more tired than before come 3pm, use the month of January to swap for for something more hydrating, energetically sustainable, and adrenal-nourishing. If a close friend leaves you feeling angry and alone after every conversation, use the month of January to emotionally separate yourself from their life-story, and aim to be more understanding of where they've come from. Take nothing personally. If you're feeling overly exhausted after every workout, aim to use January to take it easy and engage in more body-loving activities that leave you feeling blissfully energized (and like you still know how to breathe). 

And, don't forget to eat your plants! Eat the beauty of the earth -- become the beauty of the earth. We're right beside you, the entire way.

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