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#CURRENTLYOBSESSED: Frozen Coconut Slices

Here's the thing, it's definitely no longer summer, and we're definitely no longer warm. In fact, we're fairly frigid and a little on the de-hydrated side. So what's a simultaneously hungry + thirsty winter-dweller to do? Eat your electrolytes. 

Now, cue in the coconut slices.

The hydration that coconuts lend our delicate bodies has been coined "dew of the heavens" for proper reason. It's super rich in B vitamins (energy), minerals (molecular life-force), zinc and sulfur (skin), healthy fats (metabolism management), magnesium (calm, cool, collected)... the list goes on. 

Lastly, our favorite way to eat these babies are when they are the cold ones.

Pick up some refrigerated coconut meat slices (Whole Foods or the 'organic' bodega usually has them), stick them in the freezer, and enjoy whenever you need a nutrient dense dose of healthy fats, sweet fruit sugar, and a momentary mental escape to the Big Island. 


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