TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

TOTAL BODY RESET: Get the results you want in 2020

We all need some help every now and again. And in times of strife / utter exhaustion, we often lean on our herbal friends to ignite more life and vitality into our subtle essences. Trying to reach a specific goal this year? Take comfort: there's an herb by your side, to help heal and host you all the way there. Coming to you straight from the whispering trees of Santa Monica California, our love Nitsa Citrine of Sun Potion brings you an herb for every one of your New Years resolutions.


1. To feel better, lighter, and sexier in my body:

CORDYCEPS MUSHROOM -- we love to call cordyceps our "active adaptogen" as it makes an excellent supplement for athletes or any ambitious being who exerts themselves physically or energetically. Enjoying this mushroom powder in tea or a smoothie may support the lungs and oxygenation of the whole body, which in turn enhances brain function and acuity, athletic endurance, circulation, energy levels, libido, muscle tone and immune function, and may support the whole system in responding and adapting to stress with more resilience!

Mantra: Triceps. Biceps. Quadriceps. Cordyceps! (option to repeat mantra while flexing respective muscles;) 


2. To sleep better:

HE SHOU WU -- a nourishing, deeply rejuvenating root which functions as both a powerful longevity and beauty food (it nourishes blood, hair, skin, nails). In Oriental medicine, He Shou Wu is considered a Kidney Jing tonic -- kidneys being like the battery packs of our body and Jing being the primary essence, or energetic reserve. We love to take He Shou Wu just before bed, to support the kidneys and liver and strengthen their cleansing action while replenishing the Jing, restoring the nervous system and promoting an overall sense of groundedness and well-being.

Mantra: He Shou Wu, Ohh so good for you.


3. To meditate for a more peaceful mind:

REISHI MUSHROOM --  affectionately called the "Queen Healer", this mushroom is said to “Nourish the Heart and Pacify the Spirit” and has been used for centuries to support calmness, longevity and balance, while bringing inner awareness and strength into the mind and body. As a food revered in Traditional Chinese Medicine and Taoist Herbalism, Reishi is now being studied within modern medicine for it's strongly beneficial effects on immune function, mood and stress relief, and protective properties.

Mantra: Queen Reishi, * Mystic Healer of the Heart and Spirit *


4. To ignite my sex life:

PINE POLLEN -- this soft, golden powder collected from cones of the Mason Pine tree is an amazing aphrodisiac and longevity food. Pine Pollen activates, nourishes, and harmonizes the body and brain on many levels. It is is considered to be hormone-balancing for men and women and serves as a bio-available source of B vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and contains natural androgens (such as testosterone) which when maintained at healthy levels, enhance energy, sex drive, and an overall sense of positivity and well-being (essential to cultivating a sense of sensuality and play!). Additionally, pine pollen has an amino acid called Arginine which has been researched for improving fertility, erectile function, and sperm count. The beautiful pine (cone and pollen included) holds a lineage of healing and magic, and has been celebrated as a mystical tree with many alchemical offerings across cultures…add a teaspoon of pine pollen to a little sparkling mineral water or warm tea to get the night (or day!) started!

Mantra: Pine Pollen - Eros as golden powder, fallen from the trees.


5. To kick butt at work:

RHODIOLA -- wild harvested in Tibet, Rhodiola Root is a traditional Taoist herb and Qi (energy) Tonic. It grows in the wild in high-elevation, extreme conditions, and is an extremely resilient and fierce plant, indicating how it may enhance the body's ability to absorb oxygen and support longevity, endurance, healthy weight, mood, and focus! This is one of the herbs in which you can feel pretty much right away -- blend a half teaspoon into a warm tea with healthy fats like coconut cream, grass-fed ghee, or raw cashew milk to get the brain nourished, breathing with new thoughts and buzzing with creativity!

Mantra: Rhodiola: To Root, Oxygenate, and Activate!

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