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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Leo

Ring ring! The Universe is calling, and it has so very much to tell you. Answer the phone — signs, symbols and little road maps will be revealing themselves to you throughout the rest of this month. And the culmination of the intense energy of Leo's Full Moon this Sunday will leave you feeling positively overwhelmed — and even, quite irritated— with purposeful possibilities and some difficult (previously compartmentalized) emotions. You must be open and willing to receive these calls. Make it your sincerest intention to see everything from an alien perspective: be the observer here, and question the WHY behind all that you see, feel, and unconsciously do. The subconscious will be very strong this weekend — childhood and past life regressions may be emerging in all forms. Allow them, embrace them, give thanks for them and use them as tools to launch you into an even brighter, more purposeful year (not to mention, life). And for those of you on the East Coast, enjoy your snow days! Winter Wonderland has finally arrived, and coupled with this Full Moon, you're sure to have an enchanting few nights.

Traits Amplified: Freedom, purpose, sustainability, communication, obsession, observation 

Questions to Ask: What are my dreams trying to tell me? Spiritually, what hurts me, and what heals me? What is emerging from my subconscious tonight? How can I move through that, past that, and create more beauty in my life? How can I practice more creativity? What is my favorite way to take care of myself, and how can I incorporate that into my every-day?

What to Go For: Work with the Universe here — never against it. What you resist, persists. What emerges from your subconscious this weekend (especially on Saturday night) is not attempting to hurt you, but heal you. Shift your perspective on the hard stuff: give it all the gratitude you can muster. Turn on some Ben Howard, charge up your crystals and allow the experience of complete fullness with what was (and presently is) to penetrate your being. Keep your physical spaces minimal and clean. Search your soul and note what comes up — without judgement or obsession over the logistics. Meet yourself exactly where you are.

What to Watch Out For: Obsessive compulsive tendencies. And, irritation. The fullness you’re experiencing needs to be transmuted elsewhere — channel it into positive physical activity rather than verbal or emotional violence. Become optimistic about your irritation by using it to strengthen and tone those buns and thighs. Take care of yourself, and take care of others. Now is a time of deep soul transformation and past emotional reflection. What is the mirror showing you? Be aware of critical thoughts surrounding these things, and again, be the observer. Use what you currently have to fix what you no longer need. Be patient.

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