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Know Your Cosmic Terrain, Triple Your Success with Astrologer Rebecca Gordon

Last week, S-Life went on a journey through the cosmos with Harpers Bazaar's astrologer, Rebecca Gordon (alongside some Sakara matcha tea cakes and beauty water cocktails served straight up). You guys, this woman is GOOD -- like, psychic good. She really knows what's going on out there, and exactly how it is going to affect your day, week, year, and entire life. Secure a birth chart reading with this beauty, and prepare to have your life changed, for the better. Below, we're letting you in on a conversation we had with Rebecca before she took the stage. Journey away, in the cosmic terrain (Disclaimer: neither we, nor Rebecca, are liable for any challenges you may come to along the way -- those are all Pluto's fault)...



What has your journey been like to a career in Astrology? 

I was always interested in Astronomy before I even knew about Astrology. As a child I was just reading Astronomy books since I can remember. When I was six and seven, I was just collecting pictures of stars and planets. Then, I actually found out that a neighbor of mine was an Astrologer, and when I was 14, I was babysitting at her house a lot and I discovered all these books and I just couldn't put them down! It all completely blew my mind. I fell asleep with Astrology books in my bed every night in my teens and early twenties.

The more I researched it, the more I found it to be so real and so beautiful. It's the full tree of life! I studied with my neighbor every week throughout high school. I ended up having a lot of careers in New York, that were not associated with Astrology because I didn't know you could be an Astrologer, but I was always doing readings on the side like after work and before work, and studying Astrology. 

That neighbor that I was talking about? She ended up marrying my father, so she became my step mother, and I ended up living with her, so she mentioned, ‘When you move to New York you should meet Susan Miller.’ Then I met Susan and studied with her, and very quickly, by the time I was 25, I quit my day job to become a full-time Astrologer. I opened up the My Path Astrology School when I was 26, and I've been teaching since then. So for ten years now, I've been running the school. 

It was never a question, and I never doubted it. It was never, ‘Oh, is it going to be safe?’ I never considered all those things that I hear about sometimes when people are starting their own business. It was just like, ‘This is what I have to do, there's no choice.’ There were so many people wanting readings, that I didn't have time for my day job anymore. It got to a point where I’d be like like, ‘I don’t even have time to go to work because I have too many readings to give.’ It just grew quite organically, and referrals were like crazy. I was booked non-stop when I was 26 and 27, just doing readings, every day, Monday through Friday, normal work hours.

I couldn't imagine doing anything else. But I also have other hobbies — I play the cello and weld metal for fun.


What can we expect from tonight?

Tonight we're going to be talking all about the trends of 2016 and where all of the planets are in the sky — the different signs that they're moving through, and what that means for all of our lives here on planet Earth.

We're going to be going through each sign separately, to talk about the year ahead for each. The meta trends, the bigger picture, as well as the detailed look for each sign. Also, a bit of how Astrology works so you will get a basic Astrology 101.


What can we expect from 2016?

The last five years have been some of the toughest years that we’ve gone through. I think for everybody, with all of the volatility in the world, and as far as what we're dealing with now with borders and peoples, there is so much unrest, there have been so many people saying, ‘This is unacceptable!’ for years. This is the year where the five year period of real struggle — personally and politically — comes to a point of, ‘Hey, let’s create some real actionable plans and solutions.’



We have a lot of planets in Earth this year, for the first time. Jupiter is in Virgo, Pluto is in Capricorn, and the Earth planets are all talking…they want to create material results. So this is a year for some product launches; if you've got anything to do, make sure that it's sustainable and organic! Virgo is completely connected to the Earth and it's very much about the eco-conscious way of life. That's where the big trend is at, and it has to be there, because Jupiter in Virgo is agriculture.

Also, as the economy is recovering from these last five years, there are some real great manifestation aspects coming up. Which again, means it is a year to build up after all of this breaking down that’s been going on. Especially if you’re in a business that’s sustainable and about service and truth — you will do very well with this Jupiter in Virgo Trine, and Pluto in Capricorn.

And, on the most challenging front, I think that we’re talking a lot about extremism, which is very real right now. I’ve been talking about this for years. We have Saturn in Sagittarius, and Sagittarius is the sign of religion. It rules things like countries and international travel. It is a sign of expansion. And Saturn is the planet that rules limitation. So now we're really saying, ‘What is a border? And where do we put the limits on countries?’ There's all of these questions coming up around borders, and also, where do we put the limits on religion? And extremism? And fanaticism? Saturn in Sagittarius is putting a big spot light on the extremists of this planet, and that piled with Jupiter in Virgo can create a lot of extremism and fanaticism, because sometimes, Jupiter and Virgo can fuel something else going on. I do think that's very real and something we have to be aware of? 

Also, Neptune is squaring Saturn. This is a year of not everything that we see being real — you will have to peel the layers back, a lot. There are questions of faith versus belief, and belief versus show-me.

On one side there's Neptune in Pisces, which is the age of spirit. This is the age of, ‘We are all One, we are all connected, God is in everything.’ People are waking up so fast right now, it's kind of amazing! The consciousness is raising really fast..this is quite a spiritual time that we're in. The last time Neptune was in Pisces was the 1840s and 50s when all the spiritualist churches began. Therefore, this is a time of spirituality with the individual. It's the age of spirituality, really speaking. 

And for the arts, it’s about going beyond how we always thought that things were. Take music, for example — it’s now about music that actually affects the cells of your body, and using sound as therapy. That’s why there’s a lot of healing music being created now, and realizations of sound therapy and healing. This is very Neptune and Pisces! There is a theme in this spiritual time, but that’s sort of in conflict with Saturn in Sagittarius, which is like, ‘This is all fanaticism!’ That's where the intensity's at right now, and we just have to not become too fanatical about whatever it is sparking our imagination. It could be our wheat grass, or whatever. We have to keep a level head in these times. Keep everything in perspective. For example, the health craze is amazing and healing and life-changing, and I am all for that, but there's people that go really too, too far. We have to be careful.

That’s why I like Sakara so much — because you have a really healthy attitude about health that is never too crazy. It’s about practicing balance in all areas.


How will Planet 9 affect astrology if deemed part of our solar system?!

Planet 9 was just discovered this week! It takes 20,000 years to go around the Sun, so it's a very long orbit. That being said, it's not even in our actual spectrum of nine planets. If you look at pictures of our planet’s orbits, they are all in these circles, and then Planet 9 is sort of in this much bigger, very, very elliptical orbit. It was discovered because some asteroids in the Kuiper belt were all aligning and close to the sun at the same time. So scientists were like, ‘Huh, there must be something else out there…’

What I love is that planets only emerge when our collective consciousness is ready to see them. 

I mean, listen, planets are an exact mirror of our reality — up until in the 1200s, we only knew there was up to Saturn, that's all there was. That was their finite reality. They thought that’s all that existed, and that the world was flat, all this kind of stuff. We discovered Uranus at the same time as the American and French Revolutions, because the concept of the individual was awakening in all of us. And then Neptune was discovered during the time when I was talking about the previous spiritualist revolution; last time Neptune was in Pisces. And because spirituality was awakening in people on a deeper level, Pluto was discovered when we started to develop the atomic bomb, which can annihilate people completely.



We are ready to see things when our consciousness is there. Planet 9 does mean something, but we just might not know what it means yet. We’re like a little fly on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel, and until we have more perspective, it's going to be really hard to say what this planet means. We can look around in our culture and we can guess, but new things are always developing, and they’re often a parable for something that’s going on...we’re just too close to it right now to know.

There is so much that NASA discovers on a daily basis that they just can't tell us all about. Like, there's Eris which takes 560 years to go around the Sun. There's a lot more bodies flying around our Sun than we're being made aware of. Because if they were to tell us everything, we would just go through a little bit of overwhelm. It would be too much.

But again, everything reflects on our consciousness. There's asteroids between Mars and Jupiter: Vesta, Pallas, Juno, and Ceres, that reflect the goddess elements.


How can knowing your cosmic terrain help you navigate life? 

Say you're a Capricorn, and I tell you that your luck right now is with publishing, broadcasting and mediums like that...that’s where your really good stuff is happening. Well, when you know that, it can help you navigate your life direction — to focus more on those things. Let's say you didn't come here tonight, and you didn't ever go to an Astrologer or anything like that. You’d be saying, ‘Oh I could do broadcasting, or write, or go into publishing…’ and you would question, ‘Oh maybe something else would make more sense…’. Your mind starts making up excuses, and you’ll find another safe route or something else you think that you’re suppose to do. Well, astrology really teaches you to listen to that inner voice, because it’s often what your soul really wants to do anyways! And sometimes, the cosmos just confirm that. We don’t listen to that voice enough, and that’s what Astrology teaches us — to really trust that voice and to trust who we are. That is what the birth chart is all about (editor's note: more on this coming soon!).

By knowing your cosmic terrain, you can navigate your life a lot more successfully by, basically, following your Truth. Following who you really are shows you where your real challenges are. You can look at it and say, ‘OK so there’s challenges here, I won’t go down that road.’ When you steer from the storms, you triple your success.

For more from the incredible Rebecca, head to mypathastrology.com or follow her on Twitter and Facebook!

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