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Nightcap: Lauren + Marissa, Negative Underwear

In Night Cap, we’re going behind the scenes with Sakara babes to uncover their beloved night time routines + rituals for deep sleep, and a following day filled with love + positive energy. This week we stripped down with Lauren and Marissa, the gorgeous girls behind our favorite lingerie line, Negative Underwear.




On my way home, I often stop by my cousin’s or my brother’s apartments. They both live in my building on different floors. My visits with them vary, ranging from just a few minutes chatting about our days, dinner together, putting my baby nephew to bed, or face masks and an episode on Netflix. Seeing family always gives me a bit of headspace from my day-to-day. And with Negative Underwear work being pretty all-consuming, dinners during the week don’t get much thought. I either stop by the Whole Foods salad bar on my way home or order in delivery. In the winter, I gravitate towards warming foods -- soups, stews, roasted veggies. If I’m ordering in, I love this Vietnamese place near my apartment that delivers Pho, ginger eggplant and spicy lemongrass tofu. So yum! I’m not much of a snacker, but I always have to have a huge glass of water before I go to bed.  

HOW TO UNWIND Music + lighting! The first thing I do when I get home from a long day is turn on Sonos and play a Songza playlist. I love anything mellow and calming -- whether it’s instrumentals, singer songwriters or wistful indie. All my lights are on dimmers, so as I’m getting ready for bed, I keep the lighting low. Also, watching an episode on Netflix can be really decompressing, but if I’m reading a book I love, I crave reading a few chapters before going to sleep. Right now, I’m reading The Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius by Dave Eggers.  

BODY CARE I’m a skincare junkie and love learning about and trying new things. My go to products right now are: Rodin’s skin oil – it not only smells heavenly, but it also has this incredible hydrating effect that leaves my skin feeling dewy and moisturized long after I’ve applied it in a way that most moisturizes I’ve tried don’t. I can't go to sleep without applying it. Onomie’s Bright Concealing Elixir and ACE Illuminating Eye Treatment  -- I’m really into both products. They combine science + beauty, making them smart and functional. Artifact Skin Co.’s Glacial Coast Detox mask - It’s pretty amazing how this mask draws out dirt and oil from my pores – I can literally see the difference after using it. I face-mask a lot. It has even become a social ritual with friends on a Friday night while watching a movie. I love the sheet face masks from K-town, especially the jelly kind! Most nights, I wash my face every night with Cetaphil and a washcloth and apply La Prairie toner, SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic and finish with Rodin Face Oil. I recently bought an essential oil diffuser for my apartment. My parent’s home always has this beautiful smell, so I’m trying to replicate that. I use a lot of lavender to create a calming environment. I change up  my shampoo after I finish each bottle. Right now, I’m using Oribe’s Gold Lust Repair + Restore upon the recommendation of my hair stylist. It has a beautiful smell. I don't really deep condition, but, should I..?


GETTING IN BED Tea is a definite -- I drink a ginger detox tea. Taking a bath is also the ultimate indulgence for me. I use Epsom Salts or bath oils. I always sleep in Negative briefs -- the rest varies depending on the temperature, and other things...;) On my nightstand, you'll find an iPhone charger, my rings, chapstick, lotion and a big glass of water. As for sheets, I love anything all white, and super soft. I sometimes remember my dreams, but they often don’t stick -- I used to keep a notebook + pen by my bed to record them, but I’ve moved away from doing that. It was a really lovely way to start the morning. Thanks for reminding me to do that!  


  •  Take a shower
  • Brush my teeth + floss
  • Take out contacts
  • Call my mom
  • Facetime with my husband, who travels a lot


THE AFTER WORK RITUAL For dinner, it's lots of vegetables and usually fish or chicken -- sometimes steak if I feel like I need some iron. Both my husband and I started our own businesses so dinner is usually cooked by Siggy’s Good Food -- I really look forward to the time when I can cook for us again. It’s definitely something I enjoy when I have the time. I actively try to not eat after a certain hour to give my digestive system a rest. Drinking tea has actually become a ritual that I’ve carried over from childhood -- my husband and I now make tea almost every night before bed. Sleepy Time for him, peppermint for me. Other than tea, the only thing you’d occasionally find me eating later in the evening would be a piece of dark chocolate. I’m big into Hu Kitchen’s salty chocolate right now.  

HOW TO UNWIND Restorative yoga, breathing exercises / a short meditation practice, a cell phone detox (even if it’s just a few hours, it feels like a big luxury), spa treatments when I can make the time and QT with the people I love most. I LOVE baths but don’t have a functioning tub in our apartment right now (NYC living!) so sadly baths aren’t part of my routine. Whenever I’m in a nice hotel, that’s the first thing I do. I love Epsom salts and a good detox bath to make you sweat it out. I’d like to say I read, but it’s usually TV because it’s such an easy escape. That said, I find that most TV isn’t engaging enough to keep my full attention so I’m often doing something else while watching (like a crossword or instagram on my phone) -- over-stimulated much? Haha. Some of my current favorites: Transparent, The Affair, Broad City – and for the biggest guilty pleasure: the Bachelor.  

BODY CARE I have the same skincare routine basically every night: oil cleanser, toner, serum/oil, moisturizer. I try to use facemasks 2-3 times per week. I also have this magnesium spray that I put on the soles of my feet before bed to help relax and mellow out. I’m a big believer that the biggest beauty secret starts in your gut, so eating clean, drinking tons of water, getting good sleep, indulging when it matters most but skipping it when it doesn’t…I try to practice those principles as much as I can. Beyond a special occasion, my actual beauty routine has become quite minimal + more skincare oriented as I’ve gotten older. My favorite brands right now are RMS, Onomie, Guerlain, Rodin, One Love Organics, Vintner’s Daughter and Naturopathica. As for masks, right now I’m alternating between a pumpkin enzyme mask and an oatmeal scrub from Naturopathica – both recommended by my Heyday aesthetician for my skin type and the season. I’ve been going to this incredible detox spa in Palm Springs by myself for many years running (it’s my biggest annual gift to myself, though this year I’m actually bringing my Mom!) I started learning about essential oils from one of their practitioners and have started experimenting with them in a very novice way in my home life. I keep some basics on hand (lemon, lavender, peppermint, clove, etc.) and have a little guidebook to help me understand the uses and benefits of the different oils. I also keep a stress-reliever blend on hand – starting a biz is no joke! Rahua is my current go-to for shampoo / conditioner. On occasion I’ll sleep with coconut oil in my hair (especially nice on a tropical vacation).  

GETTING IN BED I have this lavender sleep spray called Pillow Potion from Whole Foods, which I use every night on my sheets (it might just be placebo but I have a hard time falling asleep at night and I think this really helps), and a retired cell phone (permanently on airplane mode), which I use purely for my sleep / alarm app (it wakes you up according to REM cycles, or so it claims). I like leaving my functioning cell out of the bedroom – it’s hard to turn off generally, but not having my inbox in my bed has been a useful discipline. I was introduced to Frette through ABC Carpet & Home – high quality cottons that feel almost silky are a game-changer when it comes to bedding. Almost all of our sheets are white or very pale pink. My bedroom is virtually all white. What I sleep in depends on the context. For whatever reason when I travel, I tend to sleep in nothing. Something about a hotel bathrobe replaces the need for pajamas, or maybe vacation just feels more liberating so the need for clothes feels less important... At home, I’m usually in something cozy until bed and then underwear and a tee (duh, Negative) when sleeping. I rarely remember my dreams. Most of the time when I remember them, it’s because they were scary enough to wake me…  


  • Make tea
  • Wash my face / brush my teeth
  • Tidy up from the day
  • Set my sleep cycle alarm (I’m not enough of a morning person to get up without it!)
  • Kiss my husband goodnight

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