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5 Podcasts You Need To Download Right Now

When it comes to living a clean and healthy life, it’s so important to stay informed, and we’re always looking to uncover the best resources. The internet is an endless well of information, but sometimes your eyes need a break from the screen.

Enter: podcasts -- the perfect antidote to screen-fatigue, and a fun way to turn your morning commute into time looked-forward-to (and, super educational). 

Thanks to the democratizing nature of the medium (literally, anyone can make and upload Podcasts) listening in often feels more intimate and much more fun than your standard “talk radio” programming. There are more podcasts now than ever before, so it’s important to do some background research, especially when it comes to anything related to health and well-being!  

From interviews with emotional eating coaches to meditations that help you settle into sleep, find below five gems to help you learn and glow...

1) TO START THE DAY OFF RIGHT: The Wellness Wonderland Radio with Katie Dalebout

This is the perfect podcast to get your day going. Katie Dalebout knows how to interview, asking super relatable and thoughtful questions of guests who range from visionary bloggers and authors to yogis, artists, entrepreneurs and coaches. This podcast gets those synapses firing with in-depth discussions that focus on self-improvement.

Recent standout guests include Refinery 29 writer and The Anti-Diet Project founder Kelsey Miller and our all time favorite Vaginal Kung Fu coach Kim Anami. Katie and her guests are always the types of people you want to get coffee, and also a couple drinks, with...so why not start your day soaking up all their pearls of wisdom? Bonus points to Katie for making this a resource: she consistently rounds up the best quotable and links from each episode on her website.



The title of this podcast is a tad misleading, as Deep Living and Embodiment Coach Susanna Frioni discusses wide-ranging topics and does so with DEPTH. There’s nothing smutty about LOVE SEX DESIRE, which tends to dive into the intersection of spirituality, sexual healing, and self-empowerment. With episodes titled How to Navigate Transitions and Endings and Are You Afraid to Be Too Sexy or Too Radiant? These conversations remind you to be the sexy goddess you undeniably are. The guests are as well informed as they are empowering. Bonus points for cool Aussie vibes.


3) GET REAL: Monocycle with Leandra Medine

There’s no way of beating around the bush in describing this podcast; it just gets so real. Man Repeller is a go to for honest discussions about womens’ humorous sociological perspectives on fashion and, well, life. With Monocylce, MR founder Leandra Medine holds forth on everything from creative burnout to her experiences with IVF. Leandra and Amelia’s writing has always reeked of authenticity, feeling like the gchat conversations you'd have with your smartest, most self-aware friends. Bringing this into the podcast-sphere elevates the whole Femme-Algonquin Table vibe Leandra has established.


4) NERD OUT ON NUTRITION: The Food Heals Podcast with Allison Melody and Suzy Hardy  

The name of this podcast says it all: food heals! Allison and Suzy are nutrition nerds who make the conversation about food fun and sexy. Hyper-informative guests include holistic nutrition consultants, yoga instructors, doctors, and healers of all kinds. The focus here is elevating health, not dieting or losing weight (sound familiar?). Discussions range from healing common illnesses holistically via your diet to #ThoughtsToThings manifestation and the Law of Attraction. Regardless of how informed you are when it comes to health, there’s something to be gained from this one.


5) TO SLEEP SOUNDLY: Heart Wisdom with Jack Kornfield

How you end and begin your day is so critical to being your best self, therefore ending your day well only aids in feeding that inner glow. A stressful work day can make it tough to wind down or find gratitude. Jack Kornfield’s lectures help you do just that. The renowned author and teacher of Mindfulness Meditation knows how to make Buddhist lessons accessible, thanks to years of research. Kornfield also has a gentle voice and delivery that makes this podcast an ideal way to blissfully enter sleep-mode. Sweet dreams, Sakaralite! We'll see you in the morning.

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