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Moon Watch: Full Moon in Virgo

Tonight is all about dissolving the beliefs that have been limiting you from completely taking flight into the unknown, as the unknown is where all creative potential and spiritual evolution awaits you! This Full Moon in Virgo may leave you feeling like an overflowing chalice of questions. If and when you find yourself questioning all that is — your job, your relationship, your diet and exercise routine...whatever it may be — alchemize. Grasp onto those feelings tightly, and separate yourself from the mind chatter that attempts to provide you right “right” answer. Virgo rules logic and thought patterns, but right around the corner, we have Pisces, the ruler of creativity and intuition. Alchemize your questions into comforting answers by taking time to be still with your right brained, creative nature, as well as Mother Nature (she never fails in reminding us of our purpose and connectivity to all that is). 

Traits Amplified: Surrender, purification, simplicity, safety, saturation, potential, balance, support. 

Questions to Ask: What supports my balance? What do I love about the work that I do? Could I show myself more compassion? In what pillars of life could I learn fall deeper into surrender? What are five specific thought patterns that no longer serve me? What are five specific thought patterns that I could use to better serve me? What provides me with a sense of purpose and belonging? 

What to Go For: Creativity! Transmute all those questions into answers by writing it all down! Don’t edit as you go — write a total stream of consciousness (with a real life pen and piece of paper). Don’t throw anything away that you create this week, as you may come back to it within the span of two weeks from now. Look at circumstances from a macro perspective. Virgo is also obsessively detail oriented, seeking perfection and “the answer” without fault. But you don’t have to -- and you most certainly shouldn’t -- know the answer to every little thing today. Don’t lose excitement for the mystery of what soon will be. Return to One-ness; recognize your bigger picture connectivity to the goings-ons around you. 

What to Watch Out For: Do not judge yourself (or others), I beg you. Rid yourself of all those negative emotions associated with judgement, resentment, anger and jealously. Rather than continuing to judge, shift your perspective to see these things from an angle that casts a greater shadow — a shadow that allows you to see the positive impact that your creations DO have. That shadow is a result of the all the LIGHT that shines on how you choose to spend your time. Don’t degrade that; it is the fruit of your loving loom. Be extra careful not to lash out from overwhelming emotions tonight. Actively choose to soften when the going gets tough, and you feel like you have to put up a fight. Soften into conscious contentment. What can happiness do for you? (Intuition's answer: light put the night sky!).

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