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10 Things We Learned Last Night from The Hormone Queen, Alisa Vitti

Last night, Sakara's forever go-to hormone queen Alisa Vitti led us through three hours of hormone heaven. To narrow down just 10 things that we learned from Alisa last night is difficult, to say the least -- we learned near hundreds of incredibly empowering facts about our sacred lady parts, and how to use them to manifest everything we want and need out of life life. Alisa, thank you for your never-ending wisdom, and wit. Little did we all know... 

  • There are a whopping six different types of orgasms. There's the breast orgasm, clitoral orgasm, cervical orgasm, and respective orgasms from all three of your vaginal "spots" -- the famous G spot, the U spot (located behind the uterus), and the A spot (located in front of the anus).
  • Don't be so quick to flush your blood away. Take note of the color, and assess the meaning: a red color denotes an overall healthy flow, a light pink color is a sign of low estrogen, a darker blue color (think, partially thawed frozen berries) denotes excess estrogen and a history of family ovarian cancers, and a brown-er color indicates a lack of progesterone and is linked to trouble conceiving.
  • PMS is not natural, and has actually been proved to be a precursor for heart disease, diabetes, and Alzheimer's! PMS symptoms can, and should be, completely eradicated and healed using food after just two cycles. Get on this, now. There is no time to wait with the vagina. "The next time your friend complains of PMS, shake her and tell her that she is not supposed to have it. Save a sister!"
  • If you're on birth control, bleeding every so often does not denote a real period -- it is just classified as something called a "break through period". If you are on birth control, you do not go through every stage of of a full period. Essentially, BC is just tricking your body into being pregnant 24/7, 365.
  • Again, there is no time to wait with the vagina. If you sense that something is wrong, or are even the slightest bit worried about what is (or isn't) coming out of it, see your doctor immediately. Don't rely on WebMD to diagnose your case, because mis-diagnose it surely will.
  • You should never have to deal with your period in isolation! Talking about what's going on with your lady parts should be as much of a girl gang topic as nails breaking off, or exhaustion after a long day's work. "Talk about it, and BE about it. Never apologize for that."
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  • Your brain changes physiologically by 25% over the course of your monthly cycle. Meaning, you are not the same person from one week to the next, and should nourish these different brain phases accordingly. Your hormones are simultaneously changing week over week. Check in with yourself at the end of each week, and attend to the needs that arise. As women, we get the chance to start anew (or, experience a New Years Day) 12 times a year -- every single day after you period ends, set intentions to begin again.
  • You must begin to clear "flo-blockers" from you life. This is as important as food to your cycle. Flo-blockers look like endocrine disruptors such as chemical-laden house products, beauty products, non-organic foods, and stress. Basically, that's anything toxic entering your system that does not support or enhance your manifestation powers.
  • Penetrative sex is NOT the goal -- being worshiped as the goddess that you are is. Make sexual art, just as you would a painting or a beautifully plated meal. Where your conscious attention goes, energy flows (and, blood begins to flow, too). Breath is the goal of tantra, so consciously use it to connect with your partner, rather than solely focusing on what you can physically do for each other. Sometimes, it's best to sit, breathe, and become one with your breath to enter the plateau phase together (which takes the trophy over a quick and easy orgasm any day).
  • The best time of day to have sex with a man? 3pm. At this time, he will be loaded, so to speak, with the most estrogen, which will enable him to emotionally tune into you and serve you properly. Schedule it if you must!
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