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How to Eat, Drink + Think for a Nourished Libido

All month long, we’ve been delving into the deeply personal topics of self perception, exploration and acceptance in our Body Talk series. Once you start to experience your body as the holy temple that it truly is, you open yourself up to a world of possibility and pleasure (yes, we're talking about s-e-x). Being your best self is all about finding the right balance, in the bedroom and outside of it. The more connected and attune you are to your physical, mental and emotional well-being outside, the better things are going to go down (...) in the bedroom. The nourishment of your libido should run through every pillar of your unique life. Beginning with the food that you eat. After all, you are quite literally made up of what you put inside that temple...


What you introduce into your sacred space impacts every part of it -- from brain function, to appearance, to sexual performance, and everything in between. Eating a balance of alkaline and acidic foods helps to maintain your body’s natural pH, which is essential for optimal health down there and big-O satisfaction. Nutrient-rich foods nourish your body, give your skin a gorgeous glow, and keep your mind sharp. 

If you aren’t in the mood, consider the fact that it might be something (or a whole big bag of something's) that you ate: eat clean to feel clean. Greasy, heavy foods diminish your sex drive and make you feel weighed down. So swap the processed stuff for these arousing nutrients:

Chilies ~ 

Spice up your sex life with capsaicin-rich chilies. Capsaicin (the feel-good chemical that gives peppers a kick, also triggers the release of endorphins, stimulates nerve endings, gets blood pumping to all the right places, and raises your heart rate). If you’re preparing a date night dish, just remember to wash your hands, before things get too hot.

Dark Chocolate ~

Ever wonder why chocolate makes you feel euphoric? The secret is raw cacao. This antioxidant-rich superfood is high in mood-elevating anandamide and magnesium that promote relaxation and a sense of joy. Plus, it’s packed with phenylethylamine, which releases the hormones serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine in the brain, creating feelings of euphoria. Treat your palate to a soft (or crunchy) bite of love containing sweet, raw cacao nibs.

Vanilla ~

Say goodbye to over worked adrenals with raw vanilla. Rich in magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, vanilla promotes relaxation and a sense of peace throughout the body -- particularly up and down the extremities and deep inside the chest's heart cavity. Vanilla's sweet, deeply sensual aroma is said to increase lust, acting as a nervous system aphrodisiac, packed with antioxidants and a playfully memorable taste.



Dehydration takes a toll on your entire body, and that includes down south. If you’re feeling parched, you’re more likely to experience vaginal dryness. Not only that, but dehydration is known to lower libido and not-so-positively impact performance, increasing fatigue and, especially, decreasing stamina. Stay hydrated, stay satisfied. 

Coconut Water ~

Coconut water is not just your average water -- it is nut of a coco full of essential cell re-hydrating electrolytes, more potassium than 4 bananas, brain nourishing fruit sugars, as well as calcium, magnesium, and pH balancing sodium.

Beauty Water ~ 

Sakara's Beauty Water has been scientifically crafted for the nourishment of the nervous system for cell-hydration, resulting in a sustained skin-glow and increased libido. Packed full with Mother Nature mineralized spring water, organic rose essence, silica and trace minerals, a bottle of Beauty Water goes miles beyond your everyday drug store bought bottled water.

Herbal Infusions ~

Use a french press to infuse some of your favorite herbs and berries with filtered water. Save in the fridge for future sipping on as a plain water replacement. Nettles, rose buds, goji berries, and turmeric to tame inflammation are excellent contenders. But then again, use your own nose and intuition in guiding you towards herbal infusions that ignite your sexuality best.



Don’t forget: health and happiness are intrinsically connected. Just as you feed your body with nourishing food, you must feed your mind with positive thoughts. Negative thoughts are self-sabotage. Practice self-love by focusing on gratitude + love, being gentle on yourself, and surrounding yourself with people who uplift you. Seek out endorphin-boosting activities that promote a positive mind x body x soul connection such as yoga, walking barefoot on the Earth, and meditation.

Sexuality really begins and ends with self-love. Be kind to yourself -- you deserve it, in the bedroom and outside.

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