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Healthiest Snacks on Earth? We Have the Answer

Snack time: to indulge, or not to indulge? That is the Great Snack Debate. More than often, when we’re in a particularly “off” place in body + mind, we feel a serious need to restrict ourselves from what the body is crying out for most, out of fear that it’s our enemy, not our ally. But when the body is hungry, it needs nutrients for energy! And when it’s thirsty, it needs replenishment for detoxification! It only makes complete sense that we give our bodies the information they call for in times of hunger and thirst -- no matter how many times a day. Morning, noon, and night (and late night), the choice is up to you. 

Snacking in the modern-world can be super disconcerting, as the thousands of quick + easy options have us occupying more mind-space than necessary, with worry about what said snack is made up of. And that’s why when it comes to snacking, we look no further than the Sakara Clean Boutique. We took matters into our own hands by creating a selection of the most nourishing, energizing, and body-loving snacks on Earth; made from the Earth, for any occasion, any time of day, wherever you may be. Quiet the mind games, and show your body so much love by feeding it the information it craves, to fuel your wildest dreams. Choose your snacks wisely by choosing Clean Boutique, okay?


Sakara Granola! Doubling as breakfast, or a second breakfast, or hand-in-the-bag kind of snack, Sakara granola never fails to save the day. In Classic Superfood for a sweet, always gluten-free crunch; in Plant-Protein for extra energy and post-workout muscle power; and in Dark Chocolate with ashwagandha for a sexier morning crunch.



The Cookie Collection! We love to munch on Sakara cookies throughout the day for a sweet + soft, albeit energizing fix. Not only are these babies totally body-loving, but they're super mood-boosting. Because, really, who doesn't want a cookie mid-day? We've got Dark Chocolate Cardamom, Sprouted Seed Butter, and and Coconut Detox Tea. Whatever you're feeling, there's a cookie for it.



Superfood Popcorn! Our incredible popcorn is now back by popular demand, in Sweet or Salty. Unlike conventionally store-bought popcorn packs, our kernels are are non-GMO, packed with whole-grain fiber for digestion love. We spiced them all up with a little Himalayan salt, a little coconut oil, and for sweetness, a little coconut nectar. We swear, you'll be addicted.



Probiotic Chocolate! Probiotics help keep your microbiome healthy, happy and vibrant. When properly balanced, these good bacteria ensure your immune system is strong, your mood is elevated and your digestion is working optimally. We dressed up some powerful probiotics in raw dark cacao, a superfood that’s full of antioxidants and fiber to help you digest sweeter while you sleep. Then we took the health benefits of this sweet treat even further by adding yacon root to stabilize your blood sugar. Now that is what chocolate should be al about.


And, all the while, glugs of Detox Tea, or vitamin + mineral rich Beauty or Night water feel really, really delicious. Hello hydration, hello health!

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