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1, 2 Step: How To Connect To Your Intuition

Lacy Phillips is, in addition to other things, a manifestation guide. She works one on one with people to teach them how to manifest things, people, and experiences -- everything from their dream partner to their dream job to their dream home. And it works. She has the record -- and the life! -- to prove it. 

So how does she help her clients turn #ThoughtsToThings? Well, it all starts with connecting to your intuition to figure out what it is you truly and authentically want to create. Because, as much as you think you want to be a millionaire, most likely, it's certain experiences and feelings of freedom that your soul actually wants, so it's those experiences and feelings your soul is going to go after and manifest. Intuition is the key to manifestation, the key to a healthy body, and the key to a life filled with love. 

Here are Lacy's 2 essential steps to connecting to your inner guide and figuring out what the heart truly wants (needs):

1. Meditate

Not shockingly, the first step in connecting to your intuition is tuning in. "I make everybody mediate no matter what," Lacy says. "If you're not meditating, we're not working together, because that's when you can really get in and direct your thoughts. You can really get in there and start to have control over what you believe and the vibration you're putting out there. There isn’t anyone I work with that doesn’t meditate." The structure and length of your meditation practice is up to you, but commit to strengthening this muscle as your first step in committing to manifesting.

2. Figure out your essence

The other big practice Lacy takes all her clients through is finding out what their essence is. She'll ask each client "When you were little, what came up for you a lot that you knew you wanted to do when you were older, that you always found interesting?" For Lacy, it was magic: "I remember being super little and always wanting to paint the house or change the house or design it or do something to make things more magical. That was my big thing. I'm the friend who was always like, ‘I got you. We can heal it. We can make this happen. Don't worry. Whatever you want, you can reach that goal.’ Mine is for people to really believe in magic. Believe that they can do anything -- and that's my essence." When people connect to what their essence is, Lacy says, "You start to live only things on your path. The people in your life fill your essence. The things you do fill your essence. That’s in your flow. When you’re in your flow, things just start to magnetically come to you."

How do you connect to your intuition? Let us know in the comments below and please let us know how it has supported you in your journey to becoming a manifesting maven!

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