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Group Text: What is Your Essence?

We might as well deem this LACY PHILLIPS WEEK on the Mag, right? Well, when she tells you how to make something happen, you listen, you get inspired, and you do. And when we sat down with Lacy to talk about her Universe, she reminded us of the inherent ability for our intuitions to guide us any and everywhere we desire. She taught us how to manifest said desires by connecting to our intuition in two solid steps: 1) Meditate, and 2) Find your essence.

So, this got us thinking, pondering, and dying to know what our essences are and, most important, what YOUR essence is? As a little one, what were you obsessed with? What did you spend so much time and energy trying to do, create, or inspire in others? What did you want to bring to the world. 

That is your essence, and therein lies your purpose.

Mine? I was obsessed with space. Wanted to be an astronaut. Wanted to adventure through the cosmos. Wanted to be the first to experiment with uncharted landscapes (or, black holes) and bring my findings back to Earth. Wanted to show people the magic that goes beyond time and space, and the stratosphere. I wanted to prove to people that there is so much more than our eyes can see...although I no longer have concrete plans (failed 10th grade math...) to venture into the abyss, I'm still obsessed with this mission of bringing the magic of what's beyond to the forefront of people's lives here.

And you?? What's your essence?

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    “Group Text: What is Your Essence?”
  • Gabby LC says:

    Love this! Such a great thing to have a knack and hunger for as a woman.

  • Gabby LC says:

    When I was a wee one I was obsessed with bringing people together. It was so important for me to create experiences for people to connect because everything felt so right when we were all together in the same room, around the same table, at the same event, etc. enjoying each other’s company. Definitely something that still fuels me today.

  • Kate M says:

    I always loved being a leader – whether it was being the student council representative of my 2nd grade class, assembling a rock band with my siblings and cousins (long live Blink 183), or constantly inventing some new after school club and enlisting everyone and anyone I knew. I’ve also been obsessed with all things artistic and creative since I can remember, all the way thru college. And while I don’t plan on ever running for Congress, and I didn’t become a professional painter as once planned, I definitely see how these two passions have shaped my career and my choices.

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