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How to Get Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Et Al to Do Yoga With You

They’ve witnessed your post-yoga glow: flushed cheeks, eyes that smile, warmth pulsing through your veins. Let’s face it, your friends know you like to get your namaste on. But, are they yet to catch onto yoga's superpowers as well? If you’re having trouble convincing the inflexible boyfriend or spiritually intimidated bestie to join in on these high vibes, this post is for you!

By following these simple yet effective pointers, you’ll be getting your tribe to OM with you in no time.

Tip #1: Start with explaining yoga’s host of benefits.

What at first may come off as a bit ‘outside the box’ suddenly becomes much more acceptable once you explain the reasoning behind what we can receive from the practice. Take cueing lion’s breath in class for example: taking a big exhale with eyes and mouth wide open while projecting your tongue out and forward (like a roaring lion!). As this may first come off as weird, or painstakingly unattractive, when the teacher relays beforehand that this type of breath can relieve tension of the face and let go of any stale energy that’s no longer serving to your intentions, it becomes much more approachable.

Below are a few benefits of practicing yoga that you can use to amp up its disposition: 

  • Improves flexibility along with building muscle strength (something that the gym alone can’t do.)
  • Boosts immunity due to the increase in blood oxygenation you're bringing in
  • Promotes bone and cardiovascular health 
  • Alleviates feelings of depression (hello learning to smile in chair pose)
  • Improves digestion (thanks to twists and turns) and sleep quality (thanks to a rush of blood to the brain)


    Tip #2: Eliminate the intimidation factor. 

    The notion that you have to be flexible to practice yoga couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, the majority of poses have modifications/adjustments that one may take, depending on their level of flexibility, or how deep they desire to enter into a pose. This is also what props are for! My suggestion here is to attend a beginner’s or a slower paced class with your comrade -- something that offers gentler variations and invites the use of blocks or straps. Don’t know which class to take? Figure that out here!


    Tip #3: Plan your tribe’s first visit accordingly. 

    Try to find a class that’s easily accessible for their their schedule and location. They’ll be much more likely to follow through if the class is in relatively close proximity to their comfort zone. Bonus: schedule a coffee/cocktail date or a bite they'll most enjoy post-yoga sesh! There’s nothing better than rounding out your practice with some nourishing grub and soulful conversation.

    Happy namaste-ing to you and yours!

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