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What are Functional Foods, and Are You Eating Them?

Though the concept of functional foods often conjures images of 21st century technology and modern food advances, this concept has actually been around for 2,500+ years. In fact, this was exactly what our good friend and OG Sakaralite Hippocrates meant when he stated, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.” Amen.

But what are functional foods? Is it just another way to say healthy, plant-based, or clean? Yes and no.

While all functional foods are healthy, not all healthy foods are functional. Functional foods come from nature (which means you can not find them in the middle section of the supermarket). They are clean, whole, organic, real foods that work for the body and support the organs and the millions of cells and structures by going deeper than surface-level digestion. Functional foods directly deliver additional, enhanced benefits above their perceived nutritional benefits. They are the overachievers of healthy foods.

Functional foods are defined as: scientifically (on a chemical level) studied foods containing ingredients that affect a targeted host (i.e. antioxidants for liver support) so as to exert positive effects that scientifically justify the health claims set behind it (i.e. dandelion greens contain antioxidants that aid in liver support).

Let's break that down a bit more, shall we? Let's look, for example at a nutritionally-designed meal delivery program that comprises its meals and products only of the most functional, cell-nourishing foods on the planet (yeah that's us). And let's look, for example, at a classic breakfast on said program like our Classic Superfood Granola (as well as Dark Chocolate, and Plant Protein). Not only do all of these breakfasts provide a healthier heart alternative to processed morning cereals, but the "functional" lining of these babies is that they contain prebiotics to inhibit the growth of harmful intestinal bacteria, providing some serious aid to your digestive system. That's just ONE of their functional aspects as a food. Another example is our Probiotic Chocolate, for, you guessed it, probiotics;  Sakara Sachi Incan Pumpkin Scone for soluble fibers; our hemp-seed crusted avocado for stanols and sterols (a.k.a. beauty foods!).

A 1992 review of 200 studies showed that cancer risk in those consuming diets high in fruits and vegetables was only half of that in those consuming processed foods. It is now clear that there are (functional) components in a fruits-and-veggies-heavy diet, other than traditional perceived benefits, that reduce cancer (not to mention all disease) risk! The top most functional foods on our planet?

  • Oats + Grains
  • Tea (herbs)
  • Cruciferous vegetables
  • Garlic
  • Tomatoes
  • Flaxseeds
  • Greens

     ...all of which can be found in an everyday sexy Sakara black delivery bag. It's simple -- eat functional foods to function optimally. Functional foods fuel and flourish our brains, organs, major body systems, creativity, and lives every single day, helping heal and nourish our bodies on a cellular level. It's our mission to bring their healing superpowers to you, and celebrate in the power that is created from sexy, healthy bodies. #EatCleanEatWhole

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