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Moon Watch: New SuperMoon in Aries

Hello sweet new perspective! We are all waking up -- waking up to the subconscious and heart-space nudges that have been tapping at us for the past few years. When we give ourselves the quiet time and space this week (meditation! Self-love! Eat pretty plants!) to get really real on our intentions, hopes and dreams, we will feel like a clear tunnel of ideas on how to make this planet a brighter, better place to live (for all). You are not alone. That which you are creating is benefiting the whole, but begins within you. You have just as much power as the girl next door! Use it! The future is yours to create, and you’re creating it right this very second, so in the mysterious unknown, get as specific with the Universe as you possibly can. There is no separation between you and that which you are manifesting. You are that! On tonight’s full SuperMoon in Aries, we’re being called to taste the reality of All That Is, and listen for answers on which physical actions to take first. You are whole. Now, and always.


Traits Amplified: Mother Nature, return, rebirth, mystery, evolution, imagination, creation, integrity


Questions to Ask: Where, physically, do I see myself in the coming months? What are some daily practices I can cultivate to connect back to Mother Nature? How can I have a more symbiotic relationship with my food and water? Could my mediation practice (or lack thereof) use more clarity, and attention? What do I, metaphysically, NEED to let go of, tonight? What am I waking up to? What can I become more accepting of?


What to Go For: IT, everything, your biggest dream, the scariest move that you could possibly make...make it. Weigh your options, of course, and consult within (not without!) to come to peace with whatever decision you are having to make. This could be a big physical move, a seemingly even bigger romantic leap, or some sort of metaphysical action that you need to consult with in order to plant seeds for an even bigger, much more magical future. The magic is all in the mystery -- find peace with what your mind deems as “bad” via integration: merge the bad, with the good, and realize that all is One. There is no separation in life. This moment, and this moment now, and this moment now, and all moments forever, will always just be the Now -- always your wholesome reality. Love it up. Quit creating such an internal divide between your “real life” and your “dream life”. This is all “your life”, and you can do absolutely what-the-heck-ever with it, as you please, and when you please. This New SuperMoon seems like a better time as any...what do you think?


What to Watch Out For: There is so very much that you have yet to understand, and so very much has yet to be revealed to you. Watch out for the old "bad habit" tendencies that you previously used as a numbing tool. Because in the precious words of Brené Brown, "When we numb something, we numb everything. You cannot selectively numb." Get some better tools, like say, gardening gloves. Resist the urge to get lost in cyber space, and immerse your hands in some dirt (or a real life book with pages). Don't get overwhelmed by all the possibilities and all the decisions you're having to make. Trust yourself, trust the Universe, and again, discover the peace within each present moment as it comes to you. Take your time with yourself. Slow and steady wins the race.

Always cheering you on, Sakaralite. Oh the places you will go! XO

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