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Love is Merely Madness

The word lunatic comes from the latin word Luna meaning “moon”, reflecting the long-held belief in a tie between intense animalistic behavior and the moon cycle. With Mercury in retro-grade, the experience of the Red Moon, and a few new moons and eclipses dotting the past couple of months, the powerful moon goddess has been pulling at our heart strings ever so dominantly. How? Why? Is this pure universal magic? Or is this spiritual tug-of-war backed by hard scientific evidence? 

There is a stockpile of studies and reports that note an increase in aggressive, spontaneous, excitable activity when the moon is full. Scientists throughout history have conducted studies on the effects the moon has on sleep, fertility, political activity, and traveling and time and time again have drawn correlations between the full moon and an increase in abnormally. In fact, the inspiration for the myth of the werewolf that is transformed from a man during a full moon stems from observations reaching back to Babylonian times that have recorded animals growing violent during the full moon. Despite these centuries of observations, scientists argue that no causation has been found between behavior and the moon cycle. While that may be true, it is also true that there is something inside that is switched on when the moon is high and bright; our inner wolves come out to play.

There are plenty of theories circulating, which require a bit of faith and trust in the unknown to hold down support. One of the theories is that the when the moon is full it has a tidal effect on water. Being comprised of approximately 60% water, this renders a similar effect on us humans, but on a smaller, almost unnoticeable level. Just enough to shift internal balance ever so slightly.

Another theory is that there are more positive ions in the earth’s surface when the moon is full. When we breathe in more positive ions than our bodies can balance, our emotional states shift. This ionic effect has been linked to increased depression, anxiety, aggression, and an overall voracity. Sound familiar, you moon-howlers? 

One of the most interesting relationships to the moon is that of fertility and reproduction. As suggested above, we feast on primal desire when the moon is big and bright, which includes carnal desires. Indeed it could be a chicken or the egg circumstance, but birthrate seems to be more than casually connected to the moon cycle. Sexual energy is at its highest charge during the full moon, according to one of the first lunar scientists Dr. Eugene Jonas, who conducted extensive research on lunar effects. Dr. Jonas was also the first to suggest that a baby’s sex was linked with the sign the moon was under during the time of conception.

Our advice to you is to become your own lunar expert. Over the next few months, pause to notice your emotional state, particularly when the moon is full. Make it an intention to be mindful of the state of your thoughts, emotions, and initial responses to situations and people you confront. Spend some time with your journal and record what you notice. Match these findings with a tracking of the moon cycles and you will likely notice trends in your behavior.

And when all is said and done, throw aside the journal, run to the outdoors, dance in the moonlight and howl at the sky - real passion requires a bit of lunacy every now and then.

Get wild.

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