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Have You Tapped Into Your Sovereign SIXTH Sense Yet?

Have you ever had to make a decision and you KNOW the right answer but just can't put into words why? 

Scientifically speaking, intuition is the result of the way your brain stores, processes and retrieves information on a subconscious level. Through a complicated set of processes, the brain draws on past experiences, external cues, emotion energy codes, etc. to set a series of reactions into effect that happen so quickly that the decision making takes place at a non-conscious level.

The reason it's often impossible to put these decisions into words is because the decision-making part of your brain is separate from the language part of your brain. Decisions are made in the frontal lobe, along with problem solving, pursuit of purposeful behaviors, consciousness, and emotions (holy powerhouse of manifestation!!). Language is created in the parietal lobe: here letters turn into words and words into thoughts. When we say trust your gut or listen to your intuition, we are referring to what is going on in the frontal lobe.The language of intuition is not the typcal language you are used to creating and listening to – it’s emotion. Most people struggle to hear their intuitive feelings because they are waiting for a direct message or thought, rather than a feeling or awareness. There is a reason it is called a gut FEELING, darling sakaralite of ours.

However, intuition is not limited to your gut and you won’t always feel it there. Intuition starts at a cellular level and, therefore, comes from every single living, working, breathing cell of your body. Because your body is constantly interpreting signs from your external and internal worlds it can be hard to distinguish what is what when it comes to tapping into that powerful intuition. To distinguish your intuition from other sensations such as ego, fear, anger, self-doubt, etc., it’s important to take the time to figure out how it feels when your intuition is communicating with you. Living in the city can wind up your mind, making it race at a hundred miles per hour, constantly distracting you from the present moment. This turns up the volume on all of the busy thoughts in your head, so that the physical/emotional decision-making signals from your body are stifled and you are left to navigate this world without your highest, wisest, and most loving internal powers.

So, what's a moving, shaking, growing, expanding sakaralite to do?!

Build, nourish, and strengthen that mind-body consciousness! Find ways to quiet your mind through meditation and breath work. Connect more deeply with your body through physical activity (we prefer the type that involves dancing) and eating fresh, nourishing, clean foods, made with LoveBreathe, move, and eat with awareness. When your mind and body are connected, you become aware of all the nooks, crannies, and signals of your body, giving you the power to make the best decisions that are true to your CORE beliefs and desires. At first, these intuitive signs are subtle, soft, gentle whispers, but as you strengthen that mind-body connection, these intuitive feelings will strengthen as well.

Best part is - when your decisions match your truth, there are no wrong decisions.

1-Day, 4-Day, 5-Day, 20-Day, and 3-Month Programs designed to connect your beautiful body with your stunning mind.

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