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Just Do It.

We hear a lot of SHOULDS around here.

"I should eat that way."

"I really should stop eating processed foods."

"I should stop drinking diet coke. Ugh."

"I know, I know kale’s really good for me, I should start eating it."

And guess what?

Yes, you should. You absolutely really, truly should do all of these things. And we are here to help you accomplish every single one of them.

As humans, we inherently tell ourselves preconceived stories, drench every possibility in self-doubt, and build these impressively thick barriers that reach to the skies and prevent us from getting even a glimpse of the other side. We blame things like time, resources, and self-will, and, meanwhile, we sit here snacking on processed protein bars, drinking diet coke, feeling like crap, and thinking I really REALLY should. 

Well enough is enough and we're DETERMINED to turn that should into a did it and holy **** I feel amazing I cant even believe how good I feel (!!!!!!).

And let's just say, when we set our hearts on something…we don't give up easily.


This week we're launching a social-media wide campaign to help you finally turn all of those dreams swimming around in your head into some seriously powerful action.

Follow us on instagram (@sakaralifenyc), friend us on facebook (@sakaralife), and check out The S-Life Blog for weekly inspiration specially designed to help fuel your every day action! All we ask is that you give us a peek at all that you are creating in order to win big.

How YOU can win BIG:

1. Instagram a picture of you taking action: eating your sakara meal, view from your morning run, notes from your meditation journal, etc.  - all of the effort you are putting into making your dreams your reality.

2. Use the hashtag #thoughtstothings.

3. Enjoy the [organic, locally-sourced] fruits of your radiant labor.

4. At the end of the month, THREE lucky winners will be featured on the S-Life Blog and receive an exclusive Sakara tote bag(!) filled with Whitney+Danielle's favorite clean living products (the ones they rely on day in and day out to create their own dream lives), with love!

It's time to start turning those shoulds into dids, those #thoughtstothings, and that body of yours into the creator of your dreams. 

It's like Nike (just do it), but a whole lot sexier

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