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How to Heal Through the Earth

Many indigenous cultures today actively honor and celebrate our beautiful planet on a regular basis. They value they’re relationship to mother earth and the grounding, nourishing, and healing effects she has on our bodies.

However, many of us do not experience these incredible effects as profoundly as we could because we are constantly separated from the Earth by shoes and sidewalks as much as our busy minds and schedules.

Earthing or grounding is a simple way to absorb the electromagnetic charge of the Earth through physical touch. It allows us to pay tribute to our the planet while reaping some very real, tangible and amazing health benefits.

The body is compromised primarily of water and minerals, making it a great conductor of electricity. When we come into direct contact with the earth -- our soles pressed into soil, bodied pressed against the grass, fingers weaving through particles of sand -- the free electrons on the earth's surface are absorbed into the body. This energy travels through your energy field and chakras, balancing the body.

Electrons are likened to antioxidants in their ability to reduce inflammation and stimulate red blood cell circulation. Your body produces and utilizes electrical energy all the time, but when it receives extra electrons from an outside source (like the earth!), it is able to cleanse, repair, and return to its optimal state more efficiently.

One of the most effective and efficient ways to ground is by placing toes in the grass. Our feet contain connected muscular webbing known as fascia, which absorbs energy through the feet and promotes healing throughout the entire body.

The bottoms of the feet have long been considered maps for the rest of the body. By grounding through the feet, we are allowing currents of rejuvenating charges to power our vital organs and synchronize the systems of the body.

Here are just a few ways earthing can rock your body and heal your soul:

  1. More efficient cell repair and function.

  1. Detoxification of waste and toxins.

  1. Improved blood flow and tissue oxygenation.

  1. A strong boost to immunity.

  1. Restoration the body's natural state. (Great for jet lag and anti-aging!)

  1. Balance for the mind, which calms anxiety and bringsabout a sense of peace and security.

Re-establishing our roots in the ground allows us to take flight in the other aspects of our lives. This life is a balancing act, and grounding provides a physical and metaphorical means of establishing a natural sturdy foundation from which to blossom, grow, create, live.

Dig in, Sakaralites.

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