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Rum Spiked Orchard Apple Cider


 We’re combining 2 of our favorite holiday traditions (apple picking + drinking rum) to give you the ultimate autumn-inspired cocktail...





Rum Spiked Orchard Apple Cider


3/4 cup hot organic apple cider


1 oz. spiced rum


1 tsp cinnamon


a dollop of coconut cream


2 TBS maple syrup




Heat apple cider in a pan on low heat. Add cinnamon and remove from heat once it begins to boil. Pour into mug over 1 oz. of spiced rum and stir.


To make coconut cream, we used Thai Kitchen organic coconut cream. Open can, pour out liquid and set aside. The remaining contents will be a thick, white coconut cream. Empty cream into a mixing bowl and add 2 TBS of maple syrup (if you’re short on the maple, agave or honey work well too!). Whip with a hand mixer, and spoon onto hot apple cider for a delicious autumn cocktail treat!



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