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Night Cap: BedTime Rituals with Cyndi Ramirez, Taste the Style

In Night Cap, we're going behind the scenes with some Sakara babes, to uncover their beloved night time rituals for deep sleep, and a following day filled with crazy love + positive energy.

Cyndi Ramirez is a girl-boss, entrepreneur and founder of Taste the Style, DAILE skincare and a partner in Den Hospitality. This gal is the ultimate go-getter, and we were curious as to how she balances it all. It's obvious that she takes time to care for herself, she's cool, calm, collected, and glowing. (Seriously: take note of that skin tone).


I tend to go out more on weeknights than I do on weekends. Basically the opposite of the norm since my work involves entertaining and connecting with people. While it can sometimes feel like work, I'm a total night owl and thoroughly enjoy every minute of it. I typically spend my time bringing people to one of our bars or heading to an event or press dinner. It's very rare that I stay in during the week, but come weekend, all I want to do is lounge out and be a bum. I guess you can say I'm the opposite of a weekend warrior.


Getting ready to go out usually starts with a shower, then a head to toe body lotion lather, I use Fresh Sugar Lemon Body Lotion. I quickly style my hair with some product, but if I'm blowing it out, I use Bumble + Bumble Styling Cream, and if I'm air drying, I'll use the Bumble + Bumble Surf Spray. It's onto makeup after that. I use DAILE as a base always, and love the L'occitane Divine Eyes Eye Cream. Then move on to a Mac Face and Body Foundation in Shade C-4 and Elf for bronzer and blush. For my eyebrows, I use Anastasia Brow Wiz and for mascara, I'm constantly rotating. For lips, it depends on where I'm heading... I alternate between deep red or a nude / pink. My go-to colors right now are Nars Catfight or Mac's Velvet Teddy. From there, I throw on my best possible outfit and run out the door because I'm probably running late. I try to get ready in under 30 minutes... Unless it's for a special occasion. Then I'll put in more effort.

My favorite NYC night spots are The Garret West for a happy hour cocktail, Beatrice Inn for dinner, The Garret East for late night. 




On nights that I do stay in, it usually involves Seamless, Netflix, and nail painting. A face mask might work it's way in there too. Right now I've been loving the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask and it's a really pretty color because of the pink clay. I've really been enjoying the process of a full-on bum session, but never without little productivity on the beauty front. I tend to switch out my nail color every week. There's an endless supply of OPI and Marc Jacobs polishes in my assortment, so I'm constantly rotating them out. My paws get lots of love.


I'm not loyal to one candle brand in particular, but I currently love the Jonathan Adler Pop Champagne candle, for obvious reasons... And I think that having a little life in the apartment is super important, though I'm not great at keeping plants alive (I'm actually quite horrible at it). Monstera's take the cake for me though; they usually last around a week or so in indoor climates, but mine's trucking along well. I've had it in the same water for three weeks! Kind of bizarre, but, hey, I'm not complaining at this point!

I've had this Buddha piece on my windowsill for a while now. He just makes me really happy. I'm not Buddhist, but it's the religion that I respect and admire most - Buddha to me is the ultimate symbol of mental peace and health. Our home usually smells of my financé's incense. He meditates every morning.

I love to hang around in a cozy kaftan cover. Though, I'm partial to just lounging around in a Vince tee and yoga pants.

And before I climb into bed every night, I remove my makeup with coconut oil, spritz with Caudalie,  brush my teeth, and be sure that there's a glass of water next to the bed.

I'm always setting the vibe with one my lovingly-created Spotify playlists. I have a great going out playlist, and a great chill out playlist. Good vibes all around.


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