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Sakara Spotlight: Kim Peiffer, InStyle Magazine

 In the Sakara Spotlight series, we’re turning the tables on some of the amazing + accomplished souls that have chosen the Sakara Life program to enrich and fulfill their lives. Without further adieu, meet the Sakaralites!


Name? Kim Peiffer / @peifferk1

Sign? Pisces

Current position? Managing Editor, Digital at InStyle Magazine

Spirit animal? Cheetah, because they are strong and independent.

Why do you order Sakara? It’s so hard to find balance in life - especially living in New York City, trying to juggle a career, friends and family, staying active and taking care of yourself. It’s impossible to fit it all in! Sakara Life makes that so unbelievably easy, but on top of the convenience factor is the fact that I feel amazing when I’m living a Sakara lifestyle. I work hard to stay healthy, and with Sakara I feel like I can power through just about anything.

What’s your favorite Sakara meal? Daydreamer Soba Bowl, no contest. 

Morning Water or Night Water? Morning. I chug it right after a long run. It’s life-changing.

Have you always been a healthy eater? I have always been a very healthy eater, for sure. But I have also always been someone who seeks out balance in life. I love to take care of myself but I also love to enjoy life and indulge. You’re not living if you’re not drinking a glass of wine every now and then and eating a chocolate chip cookie when the moment strikes.


What's your indulgence? Exotic beach vacations and Net-a-Porter.

How do you stay healthy at your desk? Besides Sakara Life meals, which fuel me through my day, I am obsessed with the Toasted Coconut + Goji Granola which resides in my desk drawer. I also bring a smoothie to work many days - I blend up frozen cherries, unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a tablespoon of almond butter, chocolate protein powder and two drops of Madagascar vanilla extract. Delish! Great fuel after an early morning workout.

What’s a day in the life of Kim Peiffer like? The alarm goes off at 5:45 am and I pop out of bed (I never hit snooze, once the alarm goes off I am up whether I like it or not!), I sip some coffee while I pack my essentials up for the day, then either I head to Equinox for a run, SLT for a total body toning sesh, or hot Vinyassa flow at Lyon’s Den if I need a detox. Then I get ready and head to the office. I like to get to the office early and just be, before everyone else gets in, so I can prepare for my day and get organized. I run a morning meeting at 9:30 every day with my team, then I’ll spend the majority of the day assigning, editing, and writing fashion, beauty, celebrity and lifestyle content for InStyle.com, while balancing running back and forth between meetings and appointments. I rarely have a moment to breathe, and before I know it, it’s time to wrap things up for the day! After the day ends, I either head to a work event/dinner or, in the rare instance that I have an evening all to myself, I'll cook up a healthy dinner and watch all the Tivo-ed shows that I am behind on. Or I’ll bake if I have energy left - my other favorite past time!

Do you have any rituals that help keep you balanced? Hot Vinyassa Yoga helps calm me and keep me balanced. And making sure that I schedule some alone time every once in awhile. It’s good for the soul!

If your creativity were edible, what would it taste like? Chewy, slightly under-baked Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies served atop a milk chocolate brownie, drizzled in Vanilla Bean ice cream. 

If you were to ask us one question, what would it be? When are you going to open a store, so I shop Sakara on the fly!? I would love to be able to eat Sakara on the weekends.

If you could have dinner with one person (dead or alive) who would it be and what would you eat? Gwyneth Paltrow. Who I actually did just have dinner with at our InStyle Awards in LA a few weeks ago, but there were also over 100 other people there. I would die to go to dinner just with her and I.

The best advice you can pass along to us and our fellow readers? Life is all about balance. If I could share one piece of advice (which I would also give to myself) it would be to think more like a man and stop sweating the small stuff. Life is too short to be constantly worrying, and as women, we stress way too much over things that really don’t matter when you look at the bigger picture.


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