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Link Love: The Links We're Clicking From Around the Web

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.



How to Start a Morning Practice (And Stick with It), S-Life Mag

"There are so many things that I (and any health or wellness guru) can tell you to do, but ultimately, you have to find what works for unique you. What gets you inspired to wake up in the morning?"



The Bridge: The Hot New Spiritual (and Sweaty) Workout Experience You Have to Try, Well + Good

"I was halfway through The Bridge, a seriously mind-melting experience led by two visionary teachers and healers—Kevin Courtney, a leading light among yoga teachers (whose own energy is off-the-charts amazing), and brilliant qigong instructor and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner Thomas Droge. Their goal? Use movement to clear the junk from your body and mind and reach a higher state of consciousness."



Social Support of Marriage May Improve Cancer Survival, New York Times

"Now a new study suggests that it may largely be the social and emotional support of marriage, rather than any economic advantages, that produces the effect."



Working the Collaborative Way -- And How It Transforms Businesses, Goop

"Listening Generously means realizing that the way you listen always has an impact. How you listen impacts what you hear and it also impacts the person who is speaking. It means learning to set aside your personal agendas and judgments, and listening for the value in what the other person is saying. It requires your full attention, authentic curiosity, and a willingness to be influenced."



This is What a Vegan Pre-School Looks Like, Mind Body Green

"Unlike so many preschools across the country, at the Scandinavian School of Jersey City, chicken nuggets or mozzarella sticks are never for lunch. Instead its preschoolers eat lentil soup made with vegetables from the school's garden, homemade bread, and cashew milk made from scratch."



When Anger Arises, Take Care of Yourself, Mystic Mamma

"At this moment we are advised not to say anything, not to do anything out of anger. We immediately return to ourselves and invite the energy of mindfulness to manifest also, in order to embrace, recognize and take good care of our anger…"


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