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What My Mama Taught Me About My Body

Mamas pass down all sorts of nuggets of wisdom -- it’s what they do. And the best kind of nuggets are those that have been passed down to them from the generations of fearless mamas in your ancestral lineage. In WHAT MY MAMA TAUGHT ME, we’re sharing the life, waist, skin, and time-saving wisdoms that our mamas (literally and figuratively) have passed down to us. Love you, mom. 

The first conversation I can remember having with my mom about my body was when I tirelessly fought her to let me shave my legs in 5th grade. She wasn’t forbidding me because she thought I was too young or that it was inappropriate. She was just trying (and failing) to save me from opening a can of worms I would never be able to close: having to deal with body hair.

We didn’t talk about my body a lot. Partially because I learned very early on that my body was something I was in charge of - not anyone else. But mainly, we didn’t talk about it because my mom has never had a particularly complicated relationship with her body. It was there. It worked. It made it through the workouts and digested the stuff - both good and bad. It grew and shrank, tightened and softened, and ebbed and flowed. Like the rest of life did.

My mom is 5’7” - something she has always been very proud of.  Women didn’t used to be that tall, she says, so her height gave her an automatic source of power to tap into that most women had to fight for. She used to be a size 0 and would make her own clothes on the weekend to go dancing in because she couldn’t find dresses that fit her small yet tall frame. 

My mom is most certainly not a size 0 anymore. My guess is she’s a size 12 - something she wouldn’t blink an eye at me sharing publicly - but she still works out almost everyday, wears bikinis to the beach so that the world can see the large mandala tattoo around her belly button that she got on her 50th birthday, and goes dancing at least once a week.

...So what have I learned from my mom about my body? 

That life has nothing to do with it. 

That your brain, heart, and vision are what matter in this world. 

And that the secret to life is learning to let go of the things you cannot control, and your body is most certainly one of those things.

What did you learn from your mama (biological mama, spirit mama, grandmama, whomever and whatever "mama" means to you) about your body? Let us know in the comments below <3

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