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Link Love: The Links We're Clicking From Around the Web

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life.



Mother Earth: Here's What You May Not Know About Her, S-Life Mag

"Earth's largest mountain range actually lives under water...along with 1 million (yes, million) other unidentified species that we have yet to befriend."



Five Simple Yoga Stretches for an Open Heart, Chalkboard Mag

"An open heart leads to new experiences, new relationships, new feelings and, ultimately, a happier life. While keeping an open heart is often something we mentally practice, we can also physically create it through yoga."



I Don't Want A Lover, I Want a Best Friend, Thought Catalog

"There’s so many rules and restrictions in today’s dating world. A ‘lover’ is supposed to be attractive and sexy and enticing and reliable and romantic and everything we’ve ever dreamed of, right? He/she’s supposed to be this perfect person. But perfection in love? That’s not real. And finding a flawless, completes-me type of person? Impossible. (Thank goodness, because none of us would make the cut.)"



Periods in Space Are Not That Different, Though a Bit More Complicated, New York Times

"With more than 50 women having flown in space over the last 50 years and the ranks of women astronauts growing, one might assume that a basic physiological question has been answered: What’s the best approach to manage menstrual cycles in space?"



The Ultimate Guide to Alkaline Foods, Chalkboard Mag

"Warm water with lemon juice upon waking, lots of green juice and big salads all promote alkalinity and optimal health. We’ve heard these things a million times – but have we done them all today? Let’s dive deep on the topic of alkaline foods and basics and get this knowledge deeply embedded into our daily routines…"



Step Off the Well-Traveled Thorough-Fare, Mystic Mama

"Guide us to true freedom by showing us our part in everything-everything beautiful and of creation, as well as that which is unseemly and destructive. Both of are of you."

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