The RE:PROGRAM: 3 Weeks to Restore, Reset, and Refresh. Learn More.

The RE:PROGRAM: 3 Weeks to Restore, Reset, and Refresh. Learn More.

THIS WEEK ONLY: Receive a bottle of Detox Water Drops with your Clean Boutique purchase of $95 or more. Shop now.

THIS WEEK ONLY: Receive a bottle of Detox Water Drops with your Clean Boutique purchase of $95 or more. Shop now.

Bitter flavors—like the kind that come from kale, dill, arugula, turmeric, raw cacao, orange pith and peel and chicory root—are probably not high on your list of common cravings. The prospect of eating raw dandelion greens, for instance (or drinking their juice, sans a balancing splash of coconut water) doesn't have the same appeal of, say, a sweet apple juice. But that bitter flavor is in fact responsible for deep, restorative, total-body healing. 

Why are bitter foods so good for you?

Research indicates that bitter foods have the opposite effect on our meridians as sugary foods, because they stabilize both hunger and blood sugar. Bitter foods also stimulate the liver to produce bile — a super important part of seamless digestion. When bitter foods are ingested, they stimulate the taste receptors in the mouth, subsequently stimulating enzyme production and bile flow. Bile emulsifies fats and assimilates fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E and K to become more readily available to the areas of the body where they’re needed most. Therefore, bitter foods are rockstars in helping you absorb more nutrients, more often.

And bitter foods are total liver lovers — they're immediately tonifying, detoxifying, regenerating and promote natural cleansing. Not only do they provide a generous helping of vitamins A, C and K, they also flood the body full of calcium, potassium, magnesium, folate, fiber and plant sodium.

Since bitter foods in their fully raw state aren’t the most pleasurable thing to consume, we integrate them into Sakara meals in nutritionally designed, scientifically delicious ways. Learning to love these bitter flavors isn't as hard as it sounds when you're living the Sakara Life: think raw kale salads with sweet Youth + Beauty dressing and Dill Sage Toast with savory marinated mushrooms.

So next time you back away from the bitter foods, remember how much they love you and your quest to build the best, healthiest, most capable body of your dreams. Food is medicine, Sakaralites. Eat clean, eat whole.

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