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What It Means To Live With Passion

Passion: “An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.”:

Oh, that magical P word. Just saying the word can bring shivers to the spine and set nerves to tingling. And, let's be real, we all — desperately — want more passion in our lives, because it makes us feel alive. Passion ignites our life force, it recharges us, it leads us to creativity and it opens the door for us to feel something bigger than ourselves. Passion gives us permission to lose control. It creates the space to let go and gets us out of an incessantly chattering mind.

As far as I'm concerned, passion is a vital human need, and a sacred healing salve. What is life without it?

As a teacher of movement and spirituality, I come across countless cries from all types of people asking for more passion; people want more of it in their lives, and especially in their beds. And I'm not speaking solely of women. This passion void is affecting the men too. And if I dare say, we are in a total passion epidemic. A passion drought...

In a world of booming gadgets and virtual living, disconnection is looming. We are all craving more real-life connection. If we are all living a life of disconnection, then no freaking wonder we don't know how to intimately connect to another human being  and with passion.

So, please dear Universe, bring on the toe-curling, hair raising, cell vibrating and soul inducing passion. Now!

How do we access this within ourselves?

Being that passion is a living, breathing, pulsing emotion, we must cultivate it. You cannot click on it, download it, or buy it. You have to birth it. It is within you. The more you keep looking outside to others to give you what you most deeply desire, the harder it will be to eventually find. The only way is within...

We must take the power back into our hands, and awaken the passion we want for ourselves. For if we awaken it within, we will be realigning ourselves to find the perfect passionate partner  the perfect partner that will be seeking to find us as well. What you seek is seeking you.

And, with the obvious: don't be a passion leach (aka, someone who feeds off of other people's passions, rather than creating their own). 

And so, what about passion in our love lives?

If you are someone who is currently suffering from a lack of passion in your love life, I am going to invite you to ask yourself to, again, to first look within. Seek out other areas where the emotion of passion is not flowing freely. Then, step back, and take in the bigger picture. Find the places where passion is missing in your partnership. Ask yourself, and your partner, these questions: 

Are we spending more time on the couch or going out DANCING?

Are we ordering in during the week or trying new EXCITING recipes and restaurants?

Are we more routine oriented or SPONTANEOUS and ADVENTUROUS?

Are more people making out on TV than we are making out with each other?

Are we doing more posting about life or actually LIVING it?

Without any judgement around your answers, take stock of how you spend your energy and what is happening in your life. How we spend the majority of our energy is exactly the energy that the Universe is bringing us more of. Generating a passionate love life is a practice, and it takes work. Passion is not for the faint of heart.

In order for the kind of passion that we most deeply desire to find it's way into your bed, you must first work the passion muscle into everything else that you do — every pillar of your life. Here are my favorite ways to get that passion flowing:



Take some time to discover what your passions are. Pick up a new hobby. Educate yourself in something new and share your experiences with your partner. Passionate people are interesting and provoke original thought. They are authentic, and they are constantly learning and expanding themselves (for no other reason than because they recognize what a talented and unique human being they are).



Explore your sexual life force in an elevated way. Passionate people know what they like, what turns them on, and most importantly, what turns their partner on. Do some fun, explorative research. It’s all in the name of science anyway — find out what works for you and your partner. Get creative and have some fun. "Routine" and "passion" are not BFF'S.



We must become THE thing that we MOST desire in order to receive it, so DO everything with PASSION. Be fascinated and inspired with ALL of life. Live, breathe, eat, sleep, walk, shower, clean, read, sing, move, connect, communicate and work with PASSION! Everything! Passionate people attract other passionate people. It's the Law of existence! (But, be careful with this one, as you may find yourself suddenly magnetic and irresistible to everyone you come into contact with...). 



Passion is confidence. Once you find what ignites you and your partner, OWN IT. Stop thinking about it! Less thinking, more feeling. Passion will not come out to play if your mind is in the way. Release that timidness. Get off the sidelines, and jump into action. Kiss, touch, smell, savor, explore and luxuriate IN your partner with overriding power.


Passionate people are infectious. Be generous with your new found passions. Your passionate energy will transmit to your partner, and visa versa. You will both begin to feel ALIVE and that feeling will be the imprint for your NEW passionate way of living, loving and being.

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