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No-Fear Bikini Shopping with Jen Resnick of Wala Swim

If you’ve ever had a freak out in a fitting room while trying on bathing suits, you’re not alone. The solution to this dilemma (like so many others) lies on the Internet…but that can present a whole new set of problems. After all, if finding the perfect fit is as hard as we know it to be in an actual store, how on Earth do you get it right online? Free shipping—to facilitate at-home try-ons, thus eliminating the whole badly-lit-dressing-room scenario—helps, as does a curated selection of on-trend styles from top designers. That, by the way, describes Wala Swim, the swimwear e-commerce brand founded by bathing suit expert Jen Resnick. Appropriately, we turned to her for some tips on finding your perfect suit.

And if you still want some inspiration after absorbing her expert tips, check out Whitney & Danielle's Wala picks here.


What are your tips for finding the right fit when shopping for swimsuits online? Should you choose a size based on the size you wear in other clothes, for example? Should you take measurements? 

"When shopping for swimwear, before even contemplating size, it's most important that you select a style and shape that's right for your body. Think about top, middle, and bottom. Look for a style that enhances your best assets and don't put too much emphasis on overcompensating for the areas you don't like as sometimes, less is more and too much fabric can add bulk when you're trying to do just the opposite! Make sure to get the proper top support to lift and flatter your bust line and use hardware, back interest or other details to attract attention toward your best features. In terms of sizing, swimwear fits differently than a lot of other women's apparel. Most brands start at size 4 or 6 and most women go up a full size from clothing to swimwear so it's important not to fixate on the number."


What are the best materials to look for in a swimsuit?

"The quality of the Lycra will make all the difference in the fit, hold and longevity of a swimsuit. Maintaining the proper elasticity and stretch is vital to keeping the ideal fit of a suit and a high quality material is far less likely to break down from wear and exposure to chlorine and UV rays. With proper care, premium fabrics will recover after wearing to continue to fit and support your body."


What's the best way to wash/care for your swimsuit?


 -Hand wash separately in cold water with mild soap

-Lay flat to dry

-Rinse your suit thoroughly after each wear. Chlorine, sunscreens and body lotions can do damage


-Use Woolite—despite popular belief, it will dull the colors in your suit 

-Machine wash or tumble dry

-Get in that hot tub—the chemicals can damage a quality suit


What are the best silhouettes for showing off curves?

"Tops that flatter your curves but also lift and support will help draw the eye up and flatter the figure overall. Underwires, center twists or wide under bust band support are the best ways to achieve this. Adjustable bottoms can add length to your leg and v-shaped styles can help elongate the figure overall. The Illuminate Plunge HalterZerba Bia Tube Top and Optima Underwire One Piece are great options."


What about for flattering straighter figures?

"For straighter figures, look for styles that enhance the illusion of curves. Padded tops, twist designs, side-shaping panels and cutouts can all help provide shape with their figure defining attributes. Mixed prints, ruching and ruffles can be your friend as well. Check out the Illuminate 50s Twist HalterTicking Stripe Molded Push-UpContrast High Neck One Piece, and Solid Twist Bandeau One Piece."


What are some of the top styles for Summer 2016?

High Necks, denim-inspired fabrics, color blocks, bright prints and fringe. We're loving these guys:

Mesh About High Neck

Out of the Blue Maillot

Deja Blue High Neck 

Hyper Tango Spliced Bandeau

Kufra One Piece

Fringe Bandeau

Jaime Top


What would you say to someone who's self-conscious about wearing a bikini?

"Go for a style that offers enough coverage to make you feel comfortable without overcompensating for areas you don't like. Try a fuller coverage bottom like a fold over or twist style and a versatile top that can be adjusted to reveal/conceal in all the right places. Like this Goddess Bandeau.

BUT also remember, a one-piece can sometimes be even sexier than a bikini and our Not Your Mother's One Piece collection offers a wide selection of updated, sexy and playful one piece suits."


Any try-on tips to make the online swimsuit shopping experience easier?

-Tie/adjust tightly in all adjustable places and situate yourself into the top of a suit. Pull the suit UP across the entire garment. Women have the tendency to pull DOWN when getting dressed. The fabric at the back of the suit, underneath the arms and especially at the leg line needs to be pulled up for the most flattering look—it prevents squeezing and elongates the legs.

-Make sure the suit fits snug in all the right places to hold you up and in. 

-Make sure removable pads are properly situated inside the suit to sit smoothly. 

-Suits with convertible straps can be tied in many different ways to vary your look—but remember to x-back the straps if you’re looking for additional support.

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