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Find Your Guru: Christine Bullock, LA

Seeking a better-body guru to lengthen, strengthen, tone and help you totally OWN your own manifestation powers? S-Life's got your back (and, your ever-getting-better booty). In Find Your Guru, we'll be introducing you to some pretty incredible men and women across the country, all here to train your unique body in whatever it is that it loves to do, as well as give you the tools to live your sexiest, most loving and creative life imagined (because, after all, that is your true nature). There's no harm in asking for a little help, so without further ado, may we introduce you to Christine Bullock.


Christine Bullock, @ChristineBullock



Fitness & Lifestyle expert, Creator of "Super Shred" and Co-Creator of Kayo, Better Body Care



Capricorn with Scorpio Moon Sign


What attracts you to fitness? 

Fitness is an opportunity to bless and feed our “temple”, which in turn enhances every other part of our life. Fitting in those daily workouts boost chemical reactions that affect cognition, emotions, and long term health. I find I’m most creative on a run or most focused after a good workout. Plus, to me movement is a gift to connect to oneself. Whether dancing or lifting weights it’s an opportunity to just move, let go and be you!


What’s your method, and what makes it unique?

I create quick effective anti-aging workouts. I’ve melded my interdisciplinary background in ballet, Pilates, yoga with weights, high intensity, and plyometrics to create programs that challenge every form of “strength”. This includes agility, speed, power, endurance and flexibility. World-class athletes train each of these areas and they end up with adonis physiques. Evolution 20 programs were designed to challenge the body with new ways of movement, so it never plateaus. Workouts are shorter but just as effective because we work upper and lower body simultaneously intermixing high intensity drills to increase calorie burn and resting metabolism. Workouts are ultimately anti-aging because we train the body through youthful movements (keeping joints mobile and muscles strong and flexible) in short daily bursts to prevent aging free radical build up during your workout. Through the evolution of the programs clients achieve a youthful lean physique bursting with energy and strength, and flexibility is attained.


How did the creation of Evolution 20 come into being?

Evolution 20 was created from my personal program that was a success and I knew would work for everyone else. I created the series and follow up series Super Shred, for my family back in Pittsburgh and all the people who may not be able to take a private from me in Los Angeles. It’s a lifestyle change that can easily be accomplished with 20 minute workouts and recipes prepared under 20 minutes. No excuses.

The program for Evolution 20 evolved over a lifetime. I’ve experimented with workouts and eating methods (not diets) my entire life. Finally, in my 30’s I found a program that was optimal for my overall health including my physique, my energy, and even my beauty.

As a fitness model I was forced to be ready for any type of shoot. One day I had to wrap my leg around my head in a yoga pose, the next day I had to jump rope for 8 hours and the next I had to toss tractor tires. I grew up a ballerina and my typical workout was dance, ballet and yoga. But I started evolving my workouts to include workouts necessary to be successful for my photo shoots. From the mixture of workouts, I found I was in the best shape of my life. Not only was I naturally leaner than I had ever been, even after consuming more healthy calories than every before, I felt the strongest I had ever been. In addition, to the changes in fitness, I had finally found a balance in my diet that increased my energy, supported my beauty, and was delicious.

Plain and simple, I just wanted to share it with the world because it worked and it was simple to follow for the college student, the mom, the international traveler, or the athlete.


What do most people come to you to achieve?

Almost everyone has something purely physically they would like to improve but my clients are attracted to my method because they achieve a newfound strength and total body wellness. I guide clients toward a lifestyle change that has a positive affect on more than just their figure. The fitness and nutritional program boosts mood, energy, beauty and this has a positive affect on many other areas of their life. Through all of this, people attain the best body they have ever had but the lasting joy comes from a total health.


What are three words that best describe a workout with you?

Fun, Challenging, Evolving


What led to the creation of Kayo, and what has that process been like?

Simply, I could not find any body product on the market that met my standards of care in being both effective at treating signs of aging and safe to place allover my body, so we created it! I teamed up to develop Kayo Better Body Care with my genius partner Carrington Snyder, who’s family has been developing top skin care brands for decades and whom own the California lab where we produce Kayo. We selfishly created it out of our own needs to stay young. Kayo was developed to WORK but safe enough to apply all over body.

How involved are you as a trainer?

I’m involved inside to outside, top to bottom. When a client comes to me seeking change, it needs to start with mental and emotional empowerment. We work through unhealthy thought patterns or habits, to evolve nutritional patterns. I feel nutrition is 80% of health, after all ,you are what you eat at the cellular level. The fitness is the fun part where we get to just let loose, chat, giggle and have fun!


What is your food philosophy?

I focus on loving my environment and loving my body through my food choices. I think we just need to get back to basics, growing our own foods, consuming local seasonal foods, and listening to our bodies needs. The world produce market is quickly growing in toxicity, so I limit my toxic exposure with organic as much as I can. I devour colorful vegetables at every meal, along with gluten-free grains, beans, seeds, nuts and fruits. I was a vegan for a bit but now add fish or meat every so often, making sure it is as clean as it can be.


Favorite Sakara meal?

I love The Bliss Bowl from the Spring menu. It has my favorite food, a big avocado “burger” with hydrating watermelon, protein-packed quinoa, and a nut-based 'feta' cheese and a herb-chimichurri. It’s post-workout heaven!


If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would that be?

Avocado, besides the fact I love the taste, the healthy fats are great for my brain, fat-burning, energy, and my skin.


Why is clean beauty so important to you?

The skin is your largest organ and your first line of defense against environmental toxicity that ages you and leads to disease. My goal is to keep my body as pure as possible with the foods I eat and anything else I come in contact with on a daily basis, like skincare.

Women spend thousands of dollars a year on the newest fix all product, but so many products still contain questionable ingredients that are absorbed into your skin and could have harmful results in the long run. Not only could it give you the wrinkles you are trying to prevent, studies are discovering much bigger issues due to chemical exposure like infertility, thyroid issues, and depression to name a few.

Your skin is your largest organ and your first line of defense against pollutants. It’s important to protect with a shield of free radical fighting ingredients and it’s important to know what you are applying is safe of those same harmful chemicals. My goal is total body wellness Inside-Out and Outside-In. Thus, we created Kayo.


Favorite post-workout re-fuel?

When you have proper post-workout nutrition, you’ll find that you recover and progress faster, as well as reduce soreness and even burn more fat. My post-workout meals are designed to replenish my energy with glycogen, my muscle breakdown with protein, and the increase in free radicals with antioxidants.

A simple smoothie is easy when I’m on the run. I start with a base of healthy carbs to replace glycogen and antioxidant rich food like acai, blueberries, cocao nibs and banana. Then add protein and health fats from chia seeds, hemp seeds and bee pollen. Blend and enjoy!


Mantra you keep coming back to?

My daily meditation often includes: I wish above all things that thou prosper and be in good health just as thou soul prospers.


What are some morning and night rituals?

I make my bed as soon as I get up to represent a new day. Then I prepare a hot water with lemon and turmeric. I’ve just added “Abhyanga” an Ayurvedic self-massage with oil. I massage Kayo Cellular Repair oil in long motions all over the limbs, with circular motions on my joints and clockwise motion on my stomach (I also do this before bed). It decreases the effects of aging by lubricating joints, increasing circulation and detoxification, stimulates internal organs, and softens the skin.

Then find a quiet place in the house to meditate. I take at least 20 minutes a morning, evening cutting out my workout if I’m short on time. I feel soul fitness is more important for me right now. I repeat a scripture or mantra, then pray, do a little yoga or healing movement. Finally, I pour my coffee, check my emails and start my day.


What’s your idea of legacy?

Being the best person I can be on a daily basis, conquering my fears, and living by example. My passion in life is to inspire people to live life to the fullest. That means always going for it — falling in love hard, creating outrageous goals, building a huge family or traveling the globe. I believe you can have it all, but to enjoy it all, you have to be in complete health. I’m just a grass roots effort, learning every day, living by example and inspiring one person at a time.

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