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Link Love: The Links We're Clicking From Around the Web

Some of our favorite reads from the week, designed to nourish each pillar of your life. 



How to Make Quantum Leaps Personally and Professionally, Medium

"As you adapt to your difficult environments, you’ll evolve into a new person with expanded consciousness — stretching your views of yourself and your possibilities. There is no cap to your potential. Your identity is fluid. You get to choose."



The Hormonal Blame Game: It's Not Me, It's My Body, Man Repeller

"But who could deny there is something compelling in a broader, conceptual sense about sharing the weight of decision-making and life-living with a power outside of our conscious minds?"



In Your Embrace, I Am Suddenly Awakened, Beau Taplin

"You are multitudes. A muse. A masterpiece. A magic thing. The single thing in all this existence that genuinely steals my breath away."



Instagram Secrets of the Sexiest Doctor Alive, New York Mag

"Mikhail Varshavski has 1.8 million followers on Instagram. I know because, after meeting him at the American Image Awards, I checked. Why is this seemingly random guy, born in Russia, the most famous physician since Zhivago? Well, have a look."



This Ultra-Sustainable Public School Will Have Its Own Urban Farm, Fast Company

"When you're eating lunch at Chicago's Academy for Global Citizenship, the food will be from just outside."



Lena Dunham Tries Meditation, Vogue

"Along the way you’ll meet your spirit animal, find the answer to some of life’s greatest questions, and possibly see your future children. You may catch your mind wandering to your next meal, to a 'difficult' conversation, to your to-do list. But you can always come back to your breath. Because remember: Your mantra is you."


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