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Moon Watch: New Moon in Gemini

Change is in the air! And whoa, is it palpable. Everything is being shaken up, and many of us may be experiencing 180 shifts through every pillar of life. This is GOOD! This is so very good; as long as you are in a state of flow with it, not swimming against it, and embracing the facts and the feelings as they present themselves to you. Watch your own energy field. Be the silent cheerleader of your own evolution, and celebrate in a new way, every day, along the way.

Traits Amplified: Forgiveness, love, change, embrace, movement, warmth, alchemy, surrender

Questions to Ask: How has your energy been lately? Does it feel frenetic, over-stimulated, or just all over the place? Do you feel a little disconnected and lonely, even around others? What are you manifesting? Who are the vibrant souls in your life that can help you to reach your goals? Are you treating yourself like you deserve to be treated? In what ways can you treat yourself to more conscious celebration?

What to Go For: Forgive yourself, my love. And move on, move on, move on. The past and future are merely movies created by the mind, and you get to wake up and choose what to watch every single day. Do you want to replay old suffering and pain? Do you want to create a false future and hold yourself (and the ones you SO love) to unfair expectations and distorted realities? Be here now! Today’s energy is fresh + new under a New Moon, and you get to embrace it as a brand new you, too! You are worthy of all which you desire  you are allowed to have desires and dreams for the future, and you are allowed to revel in the warmer memories of the past. But do remember, that all of that was created out of the present moment, and similarly, this moment is all you will ever have. Embracing it means narrowing in our attention on that which is directly in front of us — giving our energy and our love to the eyeballs that stand before us, to the task that beckons our talents, and to the creativity that arises out of our energetic bodies, begging for a place to live. Set your sights on what’s directly in front of you, and take action from there.

What to Watch Out For: Be conscious of that ever-creeping self-deprecation. Let go of the victim mentality, to remain open + honest with yourself (and in turn, with your relationships). Keep a sharp head on your shoulders. You may be feeling the urge to separate yourself from the world and from your works, but don't. Please, don't! The world needs your talents! Your silent Self-study practices are needed now more than ever, but, you mustn't also forget about the blessed brain you have to help you make logical decisions — decisions that benefit the whole. Stay in the world! Take care of the task at hand! Do your practice, and all is coming to you.

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