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5 Reasons Sakara’s Meal Delivery Program is Different

Is it just us, or does it feel like meal delivery services are popping up left and right these days? Every day there’s a new Instagram ad in your feed, promising to bring more convenience, better health and tastier food to your doorstep. Whether you’re trying to lose weight in a hurry, replace your take-out habit with more home-cooked meals or just find a better option for lunch at your desk, there’s probably a service out there for you. But how on Earth do you choose?

If you’re here, it’s safe to say you’re seeking something a little sexier and a little more soulful than the rest. So we’d just like to say, welcome home. Your search is over. You’ve found the meal delivery service for you.

A friendly reminder: Organic meal delivery is at the very core of Sakara Life. We believe that you deserve to look and feel your absolute best. And we believe that you can and you will — through the power of food as medicine. So we use organic ingredients and nutrient-dense superfoods to make healthy meals backed by cutting-edge nutrition science. We consult with high-end culinary pros to ensure said healthy meals are out-of-this-world creative and delicious. And finally, to make it extra-easy, we deliver those healthy meals to doorsteps across the continental U.S., completely ready to eat, no shopping, prepping or cooking required.

While there may or may not be a little inexplicable spirit magic involved, here are 5 ways we’ve built the best organic meal delivery company in the land.

sakara life meal delivery

1. We use the best organic ingredients on Earth.

Simply put, this is food you can trust. Each and every ingredient in our kitchen is organic, locally sourced whenever possible, seasonal and of the highest quality. Why is organic important? It’s more nutritious, more flavorful, and most notably, not doused in toxic chemical pesticides and contaminated with genetically modified organisms.

But don’t be fooled by the fact that this is a healthy meal program. We get down and dirty in the kitchen to come up with dishes that are creative and flavorful. We search the globe for exotic superfoods (think schisandra and matcha) and select produce you might not pick up at your local market (like tatsoi, a leafy green, and kelp noodles). And thanks to high-profile collaborations with culinary all-stars like Matthew Kenney Cuisine, our preparations are innovative and delicious (hello lasagna noodles made out of celery root and coconut oil infused with herbs). It’s all part of the promise that the more you eat this way, the more you’ll want to eat this way — and establishing new healthy eating habits while enjoying yummy food blows crash dieting out of the water when it comes to real, lasting results and quality of life.

Of course, the best ingredients on the planet don’t mean much if they’re languishing in your fridge. One of the best parts about our meal delivery program (and something that distinguishes us from those ever-popular meal kits) is that we do all the cooking for you. It’s a major plus for busy people (like you!) who want to take care of their health but don’t have the time for meal planning, sourcing, shopping, cooking and cleaning up. The end result is more time — for work, play and everything in between.

2. One-time flings are fun and all…but this is a program.

Our meal delivery program is exactly that — a program. Think of it like the weekly workout regimen your personal trainer creates for you. Each day and week in the Sakara Life is deliberately crafted to provide optimal nutrition and the perfect balance of plant-based protein, healthy fats, hydrating produce and nutrient-dense superfoods. This programmed aspect means you can’t typically order a Sakara lunch to arrive at your desk on-demand (though you certainly could sign up for a weekly lunch-only program!) — because that sort of misses the point. A key tenet of our philosophy is that you are what you do the majority of the time, meaning that the more you eat in accordance with our research-backed Pillars of Nutrition, the quicker and better your results will be.

Like anything in life, what you put in = what you get out. If you follow the program to a T day after day and week after week, you’ll be optimally nourished, hydrated and energized. Sure, getting used to eating four to six cups of greens per day might be a bit of a challenge at first, and detoxifying your body can make you feel a little out of sorts in the beginning. But stick with it. Magic is to come.

sakara life organic meal delivery

3. It’s results oriented.

The revolution is here: a meal program that’s NOT a diet, but delivers all the results dieters seek, and then some. Our Sakaralites report outcomes ranging from weight loss and clearer skin to increased energy (and even libido) and the reversal of autoimmune symptoms (want it, need it, gotta have it!). This is part of that magic we were talking about — eating an organic, plant-based diet is a relatively simple fix for a long list of health and wellness woes…no medication required.

sakara life organic meal deliver

4. It’s a lifestyle, not a diet.

The more we learn about the power of leafy greens to heal, detoxify and get results, the more we want to shout it from the rooftops. So yes, we serve a hearty helping of salad greens with almost every meal. And yes, shedding excess weight and toxins is one of the commonly-cited results of this program. But don’t for one second think that makes it a diet. Because that’d be selling us short. Sakara Life is a holistic lifestyle program that embraces the idea that what you eat is the basis for transformation in all areas of your life — not just your waistline, but also your career, relationships and ability to create.

Besides, you’ve probably heard that 95% of diets fail. That’s partially because they aren’t sustainable — not only do they require you to abide by rigid rules (and we all know rules were made to be broken), but research shows calorie restriction may even slow your metabolism and sabotage future weight loss efforts. So we’re changing the conversation about diets. Our philosophy is that food should make you feel sexy. You should listen to your body and honor its impulses (good news if you’ve ever felt hangry a few hours into a juice cleanse, right?). We like to think of it as detox, redefined—a meal delivery program that’s healthful and cleansing, but also delicious and fun. Ideally, it’s not something you do once or twice a year to drop a few pounds before a beach vacation or high school reunion. It’s a new way of life — one that’s scientifically and experientially linked to looking and feeling better, living longer and being healthier overall.

sakara life organic meal delivery5. We want to inspire you.

It may be last, but it’s most definitely NOT least. How many meal delivery companies can also answer the question “What are adaptogens?” advise you on how to prepare for the upcoming new moon in Leo and share the best vegan brownie recipe? We want to nourish more than your body. We also want to feed your mind and your soul. We want to be your teacher, your healer and your inspiration. So we’re glad you’re here, reading, learning and participating, and we’d be honored to have the chance to nourish you further with a meal delivery program. After all, wellness starts with food, but encompasses your entire life, and no one understands that better than us.


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