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7 Things We Learned From Our S Life Astrologer: Rebecca Gordon

Every year when the calendar hits December, we do a little thing called the 10 Days of Sakara Holiday at the Sakara HQ.

Each day, we carve out some time to gather as a team and celebrate the holiday season, all that we've created in the prior year, and all that the year ahead will hold for us individually and as a company. We decorate the office Christmas tree, tone our abs, arms, asses at New York Pilates, hold a group mediation circle, watch holiday movies while eating Sakara Superfood Popcorn, get sweaty at SOUL...you get the picture. 

Last Friday we had S-Life's very own astrologer, Rebecca Gordon, come in and do mini one-on-one sessions with everyone on the team. While you may think 15 minutes may not be enough time to get real, the office was buzzing all day with stories of the year to come, insights into strengths and weaknesses, good luck dates to remember, etc... After all, there's a reason why Rebecca Gordon made it onto this year's annual Gift Guide


Here's what she had to say to some of the people on the Sakara team: 


1. Betsy, Marketing

"2017 is going to be a BIG year for you. Jupiter is coming into Saturn, which happens rarely.  Take the time upfront to figure out what you want because this is the year for it to happen."


2. Kirby, Copy

"Though she wished I'd consulted her first, fortunately I chose a good wedding date! The planets are apparently aligned for love, stability and celebration :). She also told me financial gains are coming my way sometime between February and April. Bring it."


3. Erin, Design:

"I'm a creative person, I'm finally going to do some international travel this year, I might make some money on creative writing of some sort, and there could be a ring in my near future....(march 26 cough)"


4. Mike, HR: 

"You need A LOT of love."


5. Kim, Ops:

"My energy is mostly cardinal. I have a pioneering spirit and love to start things, especially building structures that last.  The sun was in Aries on my birthday, so I'm very action-oriented.  2017 will be a big year of change for me."


6. Nikki, CS

"You have to show up. It'll happen, but you need to be there in order for it to happen."


7. Gabby, Brand

"I'm a super creative person and will have most of my success in publishing, broadcasting, and travel (what's up Lonely Planet?). My life is going to be made up of a series of throwing out old stories in order to re-write my path, figure out who i am, and evolve. Also, I'm going to need a lot of open space, nature, breath, and me-time in 2017."


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